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  1. Maybe its the wrong place to ask but is it possible to copy set piece instructions when you create a new tactic? I hate being forced to create all set piece instructions from scratch when creating a new tactic. Again sorry if this is a bad place to ask.
  2. Famous FM fans?

    Several players in his old club IFK Gothenburg (sweden) plays it often. There is one clip on youtube in which Stefan Selakovic (cm legend) curses his assistant because he just tied up Crespo for another two years!
  3. Sweden is sadly very poor this tournament. Defence is mediocre at best and in attack ibrahimovic only plays for himself
  4. submit squad numbers PROBLEM

    I get this to sometimes. The only solution I've found is to select "auto".
  5. I have been playing an internet game with sheffield wednesday and have encountered the following issues: Crashes when clicking on staff Unable to start from steam several times which has required reinstall of both fm and steam Clicking submit team and just ending up in the tactics window and with no way to proceed Getting unread messages indication which does not exist which causes the game to be unable to continue due to "must respond" messages Playing a game 1-1 and yet after the game it says I won 4-2 (happened once) Being about 400k under my salary cap and still only being able to offer keyplayers 60k (started recently and might not be a bug) All these issues except for the last one I would consider game breaker. I have played FM in internet games since 2005 and had no issues what so ever so encountering these many issues is very unnerving especially if someone from SI does not recognize that any major bugs exists. Btw all the bugs I have listed I have also found reported by other people in the bugs forum.