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  1. Holland so should be in the finals...I kind of suspect Argentina will make a boring game tomorrow, let's hope not. But congrats to holland, I rly liked this team so much more than WC 2010 team.
  2. Ah okay. Just wondered since he threw his hands in the air when RvP placed the ball on the spot
  3. Did I see wrong, or did Robben get disappointed for not getting to take the pen?
  4. Chile, Columbia, Algeria and Ghana are out. Argentina, Brazil and Germany are in the semis. Yeah, it sucks now and it's pretty boring.
  5. This is Germany - Algeria all over again. Switzerland having all those chances but poor finishing
  6. Germany is about to score soon, that'd be so typical. Algeria just can't score.
  7. This. Couldn't believe my eyes when I read the interview with Thiago Silva.
  8. A joy to watch Mexico playing. Brazil is just pathetic.
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