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  1. Yeah i do. Against Chelsea and Liverpool it's been "ok", I haven't lost to either of them yet. Against teams with pace it's a nightmare (Man U, Spurs, Villa). My team doesn't play badly, far from it but the obvious risks of counter attacks often leaves one-on-ones. What I'm trying to do is create that Barca philosophy of keeping the ball and pressing hard up the pitch. For the most part it's working well but I don't have Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta or Fabregas. I have Gecov, Murphy, Sidwell and Etuhu so it's not going to be perfect just yet. It's playing a lot like the current Chelsea team IRL instead. Here's an update for the first half of the first season: League Table Current Squad Current Tactic The playlist for all my matches is here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL948FFA3E193446F0 As you can see almost all my goals come from the strikers and all the ratings and morale etc is all quite good. Welbeck's been great. He's made a lot of assists as well as being my top goalscorer so far. Zamora's missed a few chances but still scored a good amount. I need to get my wide players scoring more though, so I'll be looking into that, seeing how I can improve. My priority is DM though - big time. The problem is I have no cash at all now. I had to put my transfer budget onto the wages in order to offer contracts to those who are ending at the end of the season. I lost Kit Symons and Mark Bowen to clubs who wanted them to be Assistant Managers because I couldn't offer them good contracts. Financially it's a struggle so far. I think doing well in Europe has been bringing in a couple of £100k a month so I'm able to be in profit despite the loan payments. There's been a few managerial changes in the Prem so far though: Arsenal: Louis van Gaal Aston Villa: Michael Laudrup Blackburn: Steve Kean Bolton: Glenn Roeder Chelsea: Vilas-Boas Everton: Moyes Fulham: Me Liverpool: Dalglish Man City: Mancini Man United: Ferguson Newcastle: Shearer Norwich: Lambert QPR: Warnock Stoke: Pulis Sunderland: Mick McCarthy Swansea: Rodgers Tottenham: Redknapp West Brom: Hodgson Wigan: Martinez Wolves: Mike Phelan Wenger took over France but the other managers were sacked.
  2. Yeah I know. It's the price I pay against the more quality teams when I play with just one centre back but I dominated possession and created some really good chances. Once I'm able to bring in a little more quality I'll be able to see those games out.
  3. [video=youtube_share;KO8hkHAXF7Q] Just played the League Cup 4th round against Chelsea. Lost on penalties and gave away some silly goals but I'm pretty happy with the performance.
  4. Mikel: I'm playing this formation. Just lost to Man City 2-1 with the last kick of the game from Aguero despite it maybe being offside - it's to be expected with playing just one centre back though. liuzzi: Cheers for the recommendation. I'll check it out and give it a whirl. The stuff with the board doesn't look good. The financial status is "insecure" and apparently Hangelaand may need to be sold for funds according to the media. I'm only in October of the first season! haha
  5. Just a little update. I've not had too much time to play so I've just completed pre-season and made it past the transfer deadline. Not a great deal of activity. I got Jensen to be a back up for Murphy and Nemeth's best role is trequartista, which is what I need for my formation. He's not Messi or Totti but he's done a decent job so far and that's all I expected. Maguire's one for the future and will one day take Hangelaand's place when he gets on a bit. Welbeck's been great so far. I play him as the wide right striker of my front three, he's getting goals and assists. McFadden I brought in because I sold Demebele to raise some funds and needed someone who can play wide on the left. Despite bringing in £12.25m I've only been given £2m for transfers. Results have been good. I qualified for Europa League "proper" but I'm in a tough group with Sochaux, Palermo and Vitoria Plzen. I've played three league games so far: v. Chelsea 1-1 | v. Bolton 2-2 | v. Everton 0-1 There was a board take over by the fans too and the first thing they did was cut the link with Beerschot which I was really annoyed with. I wanted to use them so I could get WP's for players. Bit too early to see how the formation will work out long term but I'm optimistic about it. What does everyone do with training? Do you bother with it?
  6. Ok, just started my first FM of 2012. Fulham’s my “default” Premier League these days – it’s so hard to be offended by them, the fans or the players so it’s a good start for the neutral. Great thread elgreenio, loving the videos. I’ll have to link to match highlights and stuff like that. I’ve linked my profile to twitter (@rui_zone) and YouTube (TheRuiZone) so you can follow my updates on there too. Just to set up my game, I’m playing with a huge database! I have about 150,000 players loaded. That means that this game may take a while to go anywhere – but I really love finding players that I’ve never found before. I have players from South America, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia loaded with the English, French, German, Italian and Spanish leagues from the start. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some gems! Usually I begin by sorting out my settings, my “Team Policy” and how I prefer to view the matches. Then I move onto my tactics. I’m not a great FM manager, so I need to put players into my philosophy and formations rather than evaluate the squad and adapt to them. I pretty much create a tactic, and a couple of slight variants, and then let the player’s attributes and characteristics change how the team interprets my system. Over time I’ll replace those who don’t fit the system as well as I’d like with those I think will. So here’s my “base” tactic: For Fulham purists this might be a shock and one that may not be welcome, but I’m coming in as a neutral trying to put my stamp on things. It’s a formation I was getting close to on FM11 and I got it working pretty well with Udinese in the demo, so I’m going to see how I get on with it with Fulham. The key is trying to keep possession, but at the same time looking for opportunities to score and be decisive. I’ve tried to use some Barcelona “ideals” with this – false #9, inside forwards cutting in etc. Most of Fulham’s players look like they could fit in ok at the beginning and there’s a lot of versatility in the side, so that helps a lot. I’m beginning with focusing on “defensive positioning” with a heavy workload – for obvious reasons. Once the defence is drilled I can work on being fluid when attacking. This is how I expect to line-up. This is without making about transfers yet. Goalkeeper: I need to get a good back up for Schwarzer. I’ll look for youth but I could do with someone ready to come in and play regular cup games etc. in preparation to replace Schwarzer next season maybe. Defence: To be honest, for this first season (or until I get significant investment), my defence can stay the same. I have decent cover in the three defensive positions: DRC: Grygera; Hughes (retrained) DC: Hangelaand; Senderos DLC: Riise; Briggs There’s also Baird but for now I’ll prefer to use him as the “Anchor Man”. I’m not too excited about Halliche so I’ll try to get rid to raise some funds, the same goes with Kelly. Midfield: I can use Baird as the “Anchor man” for now but in my “ideal” style of play I’d like a Pirlo style of DM. I want someone defensively sound but not scared of the ball and can help start attacks from deep. I only really have two players who can be “Ball Winners” who are Sidwell and Etuhu. I need some investment here. Murphy will be my CM, my playmaker, but he needs a backup. Maybe I could use Kasami there if I’m desperate. Forwards: I have players who can fill the wide positions (Johnson, Dempsey, Duff, Dembele, Ruiz) but ultimately I need some players who are more effective. In my experience from past games Dempsey and Duff can be infuriating! I plan to use Ruiz in the centre as I want a “Trequartista” there and he’s the closest thing I have to one. Zamora will come in and do a job when I need more of a “Target Man”. My priorities are a goalkeeper and more midfielders. Once I get my squad trimmed and raise some cash I’ll sort out my staff too. I don’t micro-manage and I don’t really touch training so I need coaches capable of handling that for me. I also need quality scouts, and as many as I can get, seeing as I have so many players available.
  7. What are some of the best, generic ways to "close the gap" between teams? Say i'm Alfreton Town from the Blue Square North against Everton in the FA Cup how would i go about setting up my team? I tried switching Alfreton For Stoke on the editor just to see if i could see what i could do but everytime i just got hammered. Mainly corners, long shots and crosses to the far post were how i conceded (i know, almost every possible way to concede) but i could never stop the cross...
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