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  1. Cheers. Yeah, Asamoah getting sent off was one of the reasons I let him go. That, and getting £75 mil for a player we signed on a free a year previously. This is basically my first save of this game but it seems like top teams are paying crazy money for players in their 30's. Is this happening in other peoples saves as well.
  2. End of Season Review So my first season with Inter has ended and by and large, it's been an absolutely stupendous success. Had to do some loans in December for backup so here's the winter transfer dealings. Won Serie A at a canter. No one could stand up to the 424 and the combined prowess of Icardi and Martinez who scored a combined 59 league goals. It's the first time in years that I've played with 2 up top and it worked wonders all season long. Candreva should also be mentioned as his 30 assists in all competitions was a key reason my strikers scored so much. Nainggola
  3. Probably never get a better chance at winning the Champions League than this
  4. Finally caved in and bought the game. I swear this game is more addictive than crack. Decided on Inter for my first save after not having managed them on the past few editions. Martinez was a big reason for this, he was one of my go-to buys the past few years and since he signed for Inter, it seemed like a good starting point. Having him and Icardi in the same team, I didn't want either sitting on the bench so wanted 2 up top. Having no experience of the ME, I am using a plug and play 424 tactic from knap so all my success is really down to him. I just don't really have the time anymore to dev
  5. End of Season Update So finished my first with Liverpool and I'm delighted with how thing went. Won the league comfortably only drawing twice and getting beat 4 times. My 4 preseason signings were in the top 5 average rating for the season so I'm delighted with that. Brewster can't really be counted there due to the small amount of games he played. Both cups were a disappointment but we more than made up for it by winning the Champions League. After breezing by Atletico in the last 16, I wanted to avoid the likes of Madrid and Barcelona and we were given a team
  6. December Update So just reached halfway through my first season and thought I'd give a quick update. Currently sitting at the top of the league on goal difference so pretty happy but there have been a few shambolic results in the league, although it was early on whilst I was still tinkering with my tactic. The Champions League has been where we have really shined. After being drawn in a group containing PSG, Porto and APOEL, I was pretty confidant of securing second place to reach the latter stages but we topped the group, hammering PSG 3-0 away and 6-0 at home. Been drawn with Atletico i
  7. So after 12 seasons, my Bayer Leverkusen save has ran its course I feel. After winning the Champions League with a first eleven home-grown at my club, I don't feel I can go any further with it so it's new save time. I had a great save with Liverpool last year so Liverpool it shall be again. This is probably going to be my last save of this years edition. So, onto business.... Transfers Looking at the squad, there was a few areas I wanted to strengthen for the first season and with a healthy budget, I got to work. I wanted a young CB who will hopefully form a partnership with Joe Gome
  8. Here he is in my Leverkusen save. AI trained.
  9. Hi guys, is anyone doing a Milan guide? I've got a couple of days off so could knock one out if there isn't already one in production.
  10. This won me the league in both my seasons and I'm currently using it to great effect in my Lyon save as well. Its important to have fast full backs with good crossing but with Shaw and Darmien it was working wonders. I also give player instructions to most of my team. I can do a more detailed write up later for you if you wish.
  11. Has anyone any experience with Delle Alli?? Want to have him and Pogba as my cm partnership but Spurs are wanting 100 mill for him. It's a shedload to pay, but, if i get 10 years out of him??? TFM is my DM btw.
  12. I was having the same problem in my first season. I was destroying Arsenal one week then drawing with Hull the next. I ended up switching from a 4-2-3-1 to a 4-3-3 with a DM and IFs and things settled down further into the season and I ended up winning the league quite comfortably. 4 games into the second season, I've won all 4 scoring 17 and conceding 2.
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