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  1. Kevmcc87

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    End of Season Update So finished my first with Liverpool and I'm delighted with how thing went. Won the league comfortably only drawing twice and getting beat 4 times. My 4 preseason signings were in the top 5 average rating for the season so I'm delighted with that. Brewster can't really be counted there due to the small amount of games he played. Both cups were a disappointment but we more than made up for it by winning the Champions League. After breezing by Atletico in the last 16, I wanted to avoid the likes of Madrid and Barcelona and we were given a team who's number we had had all season, Tottenham. After them came a mouthwatering semi-final, Man Utd. Again, we had had the better of them in our games in the league and this was no different which set up an uber-glamorous meeting in the final with Spartak Moscow?!?!? What. The. ****. With regards for the coming campaign, I wanted to get rid of the deadwood I wouldn't be using so out went Flanagan, Sturridge, Origi and Markovic. Van Dijk had been a giant pain in the *** all season, taking offence to the slightest little thing, crying when someone stood on his toes and just being a general muppet so glad to see the back of him with Maguire coming in as backup along with Matip to De Ligt and Gomez. Mings wanted to go to PSG and I was sad to see him go but that gave me the chance to bring in the Don. Dier has come in to compete with Can for DM as I still didn't have anyone I was comfortable with deputising there and I want Henderson to play further forward. Now, onto the dilemma. Firmino had a 82 million release clause which Real invoked so now I'm not sure what to do. On the one hand, I'm more than happy to go with Dolberg as my main striker as he was sensational last year but I just don't know if Woodburn is ready to step up yet if Dolberg gets injuried. I could use Salah up top and Janssen has come in strictly as backup. I really want to defend my crown in the Champions League and I feel I may need more firepower to do that. My first choice was Kane and after trying to unsettle him all preseason, he has just signed a new contract at Spurs, dashing my hopes. Belotti and Icardi have both went to Man City so the only real superstar I can sign is Dybala. He's going to cost 110 million with wages of around 275k. I have the money but I don't know if I want to spend it. With Aguero and Jesus both still at City, I may be able to get Belotti or Icardi next season, or even get my number one choice, Kane. I really don't know what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have included screenshots of my top youngsters, both ones I inherited and ones from my first youth intake.
  2. Kevmcc87

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    December Update So just reached halfway through my first season and thought I'd give a quick update. Currently sitting at the top of the league on goal difference so pretty happy but there have been a few shambolic results in the league, although it was early on whilst I was still tinkering with my tactic. The Champions League has been where we have really shined. After being drawn in a group containing PSG, Porto and APOEL, I was pretty confidant of securing second place to reach the latter stages but we topped the group, hammering PSG 3-0 away and 6-0 at home. Been drawn with Atletico in the last 16. In the league cup, we were handed a Merseyside derby which unfortunately didn't go our way, but having played a lot of youngsters and Everton playing a full strength team, it wasn't the end of the world. Our form has steadily improved throughout the season so looking forward to playing out the rest of campaign. All of my new signings have really impressed which is good, but I still want more from Salah. He's having too many games in the low 6's. Milner hasn't been able to keep himself fit with one injury after another so he's off to West Ham with Lallana pretty much ready to come back. Firmino, Mane and Matip have all asked to join bigger clubs so we'll see how the situation plays out. If I can get decent money, I'd be willing to sell all 3 and reinvest the funds into bringing more English players into the club.
  3. Kevmcc87

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    So after 12 seasons, my Bayer Leverkusen save has ran its course I feel. After winning the Champions League with a first eleven home-grown at my club, I don't feel I can go any further with it so it's new save time. I had a great save with Liverpool last year so Liverpool it shall be again. This is probably going to be my last save of this years edition. So, onto business.... Transfers Looking at the squad, there was a few areas I wanted to strengthen for the first season and with a healthy budget, I got to work. I wanted a young CB who will hopefully form a partnership with Joe Gomez that will be the heart of my defence for the next 10 years so in came Matthijs de Ligt for 16 million. I haven't had him in this years edition as I've only really had two saves, Celtic and Leverkusen, so I'm looking forward to developing him into the beast I see in other peoples saves. Obviously, with him coming in, that gave me 6 centre-backs so Klaven went to Roma on loan with option to buy and Lovren went to PSG for 17 million. Not too fussed at only getting 17 when he was valued at 25 as it's still a million more than I spent on de Ligt. With TAA, Gomez and de Ligt, I've got 75% of my backline sorted going forward. I'm going to see how Robertson and Moreno perform this season, but in all likelihood, one of them will be sold at the end of the season and the other will be backup to whoever I choose for the LB spot. Midfield is pretty thin just now, both in depth and quality, but with Keita coming in next season and Lallana still to come back from injury, I didn't want to go overboard strengthening here. Also, there is the added burden of not having any homegrown at club over 21 players for Champions League rules. I play a 4321 with a DM(d), AP(s) and a MEZ(a) and looking at the players I have at my disposal, I'm not convinced they could provide the attacking drive I like from my teams so Williams will be backup for Can in the DM slot with Henderson taking the AP role as I didn't feel he could bring what i want from the MEZ. I wanted someone new for the MEZ role and my first choice was Kai Havertz as he was sensational for me in my Leverkusen save becoming the clubs all-time record appearance maker, and probably my favourite player in any save I've had over the lasy few editions, and he can play both the MEZ and AP roles perfectly but Leverkusen wanted 200 million for him so that was a no go. After reading through some of this thread, I've decided to go with Sergej Milinkovic-Savic for 52 million. This is another player I've been dying to sign but haven't had the chance to yet. With Keita coming in next year, I'm going to experiment with a few tweaks to my formation swapping the AP for B2B to allow me to get the best out of both. I play with Inside Forwards and never wingers as I like my wing-backs to give me width so with Mane and the Ox, and Brewster who's gonna be a IF(L) who will be blooded this year, I'm sorted on the left side but only have Salah for the right side. Francisco Trincao has come in from Braga, but with him being only 17, he'll be in same situation as Brewster this season. After being denied Havertz, I successfully raided Leverkusen for my second favourite player from my last save, Leon Bailey who came in for 66 million. He was a god for me winning the Ballon D'or 5 years running. He'll provide more than healthy competition for Salah, and if he even turns out 75% as good as last time, he'll probably be first choice in a few years. Finally, I wanted a young striker as I don't rate Ings or Solanke and Woodburn is going out on loan this season to Norwich as a key player playing as a striker. Firmino is obviously my number one and suits the CF(s) role I play down to the ground. So for competition, I raided Ajax for a second time and brought in Kasper Dolberg for 32 million. He's someone I tried to buy for Leverkusen but he went to Bayern instead so I'm glad to get him this time. I've already had great success with young strikers like Pietro Pellegri, Lautaro Martinez, Moussa Dembele and Patrick Cutrone so here's hoping he can hit the same heights. I'm going to do another update when I hit October with my early season form and how my new signings are bedding. Until then, Happy Gaming Everyone.
  4. Kevmcc87

    Alessandro Rossi

    Here he is in my Leverkusen save. AI trained.
  5. Kevmcc87

    FM17 Tycoons

  6. I could never get Firminho to perform unfortunately so I shipped him out. Thiago Maia is my DM and he's been phenomenal. Picked him up for 13 mil at the start of the game so dunno what he would cost in the second season. Diawara from Napoli looks good as well or Bazoer although he's more of a DLP.
  7. Kevmcc87

    Recommend Regista and Trequarista

    Here's Locatelli in my Liverpool save. Obviously I haven't developed him for the Regista role but it should give you an idea.
  8. I got lucky and got the soft Brexit fortunately but it's ruining games.
  9. Kevmcc87

    FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Locatelli may be a bit pricey but if you get him early he's worth the investment. Here he is along with Melegoni in my Liverpool save in Jan 2020. Melegoni has had a few bad injuries including a broken leg so dunno if that has stunted his development a bit.
  10. Here's my tactic I'm having a lot of success with along with T.I.s. You need quick fullbacks for this but if your playing with original squad, Clynne and Moreno are really good in this set-up.
  11. OM are just splashing cash around in my save. They took Sturridge and Mingolet off me too and bought Fellaini, Hirving Lozano, Jordi Amat, Idrissa Gueye and Martin Odegaard all for stupid money.
  12. Sorry dude, Mane went to PSG for £68m and Markovic went to OM for £42m
  13. @Brads-Wigan Berardi was £22m and Ounas was £33.5m which was peanuts compared to what I brought in from selling Mane and Markovic
  14. I play with IF's so I got rid of him and Mane and brought in Berardi and Ounas. Berardi has been a god for me so far and he's playing out of his skin this season. Check the stats.
  15. Was thinking of selling Coutinho at the end of the season. He keeps moaning he wants to go to Madrid and hopefully my regen back up will be ready. I play with IF's so retraining Diallo on the left. Looks promising.