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  1. I love reading your loooong updates tomtuck01, and it seems your season went well. Nice achievements in the competitions and you have made some good future transfers . I managed to get Feghouli to sign a pre-contract with me too, so he will also join me in the summer . Congratulations for becoming manager of the year too;).
  2. Tandui, you should take a look at Adil Rami from Lille . He's only 22/23 years old, and is french too.. I bought him for £6 million, and he is very good .
  3. Sorry Hopey, but he just didn't fit in my formation and he wasn't as good as I had hoped for in the pre-season where he played as an attacking CM.. I offered him out for £8 million, but the highest I got were the £6.75 million manchester city offered me .
  4. Thanks for your reply . And yes, Lisandro is playing great and just scored a hat-trick against Olympiacos in the CL. Michel Bastos hasn't been very good yet, but he's getting better and better the more he plays and blends with the squad.. Only have 1 assist and 0 goals after 7 league apperances.
  5. Hello everyone! I've finally decided to start a Lyon save on FM 2010, and I'm really enjoying it so far. I started it on the 10.0.2 DB with All French leagues, top two English leagues, top German league, top Italian league, top Belgian league, top Holland league, all Spanish leagues and top Switzerland league. This will mean I have a lot of players to choose from when I'm shopping, and it will come through newgens from many different countries. I told the board I was going to challenge for the title, and got around 8 million pounds to buy for.. I then went to the board room and asked for a
  6. McGougan33 Try playing him as a deep-lying forward with a support role.. I had a save with Real Madrid a while back and he played good in that position.
  7. Great OP Hopey ! I'll definitely start as Lyon when the full game comes out .
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