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  1. 22 Games into the season and I'm sitting 2nd with Scunthorpe
  2. ... (only an ellipsis can capture what I'm feeling right now) ^^^^
  3. Lol, alot of questions in here Decided to go with Scunthorpe for this one (Media Prediction 24th). First game was against Cardiff. 5-0 after the first half. Finished 7-2 due to complacency from the back. Brilliant. Fans were obviously jubilant. So far, this tactic seems the best
  4. Haha, nice summary I'm trying out the tactic now just got back from the beach
  5. Results are looking good. Ignore the people who are nagging you to release it, don't rush. The best things are worth the wait :P
  6. Mr. Hough / or someone who has downloaded all the filters. Could you put them all in the same zip file and then upload? Would be appreciated because the internet here is running sluggishly and it would do wonders to only have to load that site once
  7. Looking really good so far Mr. Hough. Did you get the corners sorted then??
  8. I don't use OPP Instructions but I found this routine from Zico10 very helpful in terms of defending corners. I think I concede about 1 every 20 games :O
  9. Mr. Hough have you tried DEFENDING CORNERS Best Header and marker on marking "Tall player" Next 2 good headers "near" and "far post" 1 player "man" marking 3 players "forward" and 3 players "back" or 2 "forward" and 4 "back". posted by Zico10
  10. ^ They do. I had alot of success using the original 10.3 classic with South Africa (was knocked out in the quarters by a very lucky Holland). Just make sure the stats are right and that you aren't messing up your PR.
  11. Beat Wolves with Charlton in the League Cup quarter finals: 2-1. Currently top of the league, haven't lost yet Btw, its still 2009
  12. Just got promoted with Gateshead Really solid tactic. MY strikers are just useless though and will miss atleast 2 CCC's a game :~~(. Time for some League 1 loans.
  13. sorry my bad didnt see you that you had changed OP. Testing now, will let you know
  14. Four consecutive promotions with my hometown Leatherhead Classic tactic is yet to let me down.
  15. I'm playing with Guildford City (Level 10 team), and have got them to level 6 so far (promoted every season so far )
  16. If you can emulate the success of your 10.3 Classic tactic in a winger tactic I would be interested. But it still seems that 10.3 favors the narrow diamond so it would be cool if you could come up with a good 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-2-1-3
  17. Yes, exactly that. --------GK------- DL--DC---DC---DR ------------------ ----MC---MC----- AML--AMC----AMR ------ST--------- Plays out like a 4-2-4
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