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  1. I wonder when they will get that IRL England's ranking is also number 1 in my save, though that is due to my team providing the players (got 10 in national team).
  2. I think to get the best results is to choose 1 type rather than Jack of all Trades. I believe u will run into lots of management problems when dealing with players.
  3. I've got a World Class Striker from Scotland & Belarus. Not very obscure, but interesting enough for me. Anyone got WCP from exotic countries?
  4. Same, got laughed off trying for England job even though reputation WC. Not sure why...
  5. Is it just me or you guys seeing this as well? When I look at the Germany National team, there are only around 7 players, and 1 of them is my player. I thought that this is 1 off, but when I checked, it has been happening for quite some time (its 2024 in my game). It is even weirder that my scouts found 1 WCP CM/DM from Germany, and he only played once for Germany. Does this happen to you guys?
  6. Interesting question. I've wanted to developed a back 3 system with another team, but I'm having too much fun with my Nottingham Forest I'll look into it though, but I don't think i'll be developing a team with a block of 5-5. It's too passive for my style. Chances are I'll try block of 4-6, with 2 CD on Defend + 1 CD on Stopper/Cover, with 1 Holding Midfielder. I'll use Stopper if opposition have strong forward but use cover if they have a quick forward Still, I've read somewhere on this system of 3-7 works like magic: 2 CD 1 Half Back 2 WB 2 CM 2 Wingers 1 Striker It's a hybrid between back 3-4-3 and 4-3-3 system. I haven't tried it myself though.
  7. From my save in the year 2024, I got Belgium winning World Cup on 2018 & 2022. I do know that they have a strong squad now, but it is just interesting they won back to back. Also interesting France won last 3 European Championship (2016, 2020, 2024). Also finding Buffon retiring at 44 (believable for keeper) and Pirlo retiring at 43. Interesting to see most of his physical stats at 1. I don't know how that will look on ME Finally, none of the big team in EPL have been relegated by 2024, though I've read some here seeing some big team seeing the drop by 3rd season. Just interested to see what are the interesting things happening in your game. What I've mentioned above although rare chance, but still possible. Maybe you've seen even more interesting things in your save?
  8. Yup, you're quite the veteran in this game, so I too find it weird.
  9. As the other edition of FM, I find FM15 bit more difficult at the start, but it gets easier as I understand more. Also, the difficulty is finding the right balance for your team with so many different player roles. Finally, your scouts might tell you that this player might be a WCP but he turns out not to be or just a Good Premiership Player but turns out to be WCP, so it takes bit more guessing whether you get the right player or not, which I think is brilliant.
  10. Perhaps there was a clicking problem. Im not suggesting that you clicked wrongly, but I remember that happen to me once. I clicked correctly, and confused with the response of my player. Then I continued the game, check again on the Team Talked response, and it showed I said something harsh. Can you please check again what happened? Tactics-Analysis-Last Match-Pep Talk Feedback
  11. Yeah, whats with the DM & CD with low bravery?? I've found a few good players with strong attributes + good bravery but a bit too many of them are good attributes + low bravery. I suspect there might be a reason for this. Was wondering on this for quite some time. Then again, saw Mertesacker went for cover on Liverpool's goal last night Maybe Mr Wenger told him not to get injured.
  12. I've reported this issue around last month and they took notice of it. Any bugs that you want to report requires you sending a copy of the game before the bug materialize. So please report this on bug forum, and send them your savegame. The bugs that I reported were on getting World Class Players on free transfers around 4 months after he didn't have contract (it was Paul Pogba when he was 26). Initially the were long arguments from people that they see nothing wrong with that but one of SI's developer saw that and he knew that it was wrong for it to happen. No WCP should have zero interest after they ran out of contract at fantastic age, and even worse, still no interest after 4 months. I remember him mentioned it MIGHT be something wrong with the Italian League contract AI. 2nd was the ridiculously cheap Argentinians. They also said it is a known issue. About players retiring early, I'm not sure whether it has been notified. Interesting enough in my game, I got Pirlo retiring around 43/44 years old. Its possible, but still interesting. So please, do report on bug forum.
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