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  1. This will never work. Way too many teams. SI games does not create such bad players. Oh Piddletrenthide. I gotta try this database. Thank you very much.
  2. Uh after 7 games (yes I am very slow, I have been busy with work) I got the ultimatum with FC Atlantis in Finland. Win or get sacked. And we won 4-2 and are at least for now out of the relegation zone.
  3. Hi. I am just loading up a save in Finland. Wish me luck. I am really hoping for FC Santa Claus but I can settle with FC Honka as they got promoted IRL. I usually do Wales but I am still hoping for a custom league expansion for Wales and it seems a lot have taking Wales out for a spin. It is also nice to see Denmark being popular. I used to live close to the fields of Søllerød-Vedbæk. Edit: I have taken control over Atlantis FC looking at the squad my staff thinks it is pretty good and it is surprisingly international without a lot of Nigerian/Finnish players. I will see how the team will perform before signing any players. We are predicted 9th (and with 10 teams that means relegation here in Finiland).
  4. This is so great. I was just wondering are the cups updated as well? In your last update I managed to get Deeside Phoenix to the top tier but I still only participated in the Welsh Trophy cup. '
  5. I love it. I am stopping the save I have now with the steam workshop one and applying this one this instant.
  6. Promotion to any league will turn you semi-pro it was in the last FM and it is in this one as well.
  7. I think I had a similar problem in fm 13 and the reserves when I expanded a league pyramid which had 2nd teams in the lower tiers. A reserve league was still created with 2 teams for all sorts of small teams. I submitted a ticket and got the reply that the reserves were not meant to simulate reality. I would presume that your problem is similar.
  8. I will try this in Wales again. Sadly I can't get my favorite team Barry Town as they have been withdrawn from the league. Now the team has to start all over as Barry Town United but in a inaccessible tier for this challenge. Off to find a new team! Already ticked of one challenge and that was to get Denmark to the World Championship, reached quarter finals!
  9. Excellent. Now I just need a feature: Amateur until reaching division X !!! Where X can be set as you want it. This is what have prevented me from doing my own Danish league structure.
  10. At least one of attempts will be a suicide mission but with some of the new features such as loaning a larger stadium for European matches and (hopefully) better dynamic reputation of clubs and leagues it might just be possible. A youth only game based on a faroese manager in Wales. Effectively a combination of three popular challenges. Gundo's FM13 European Adventure Challenge™ taking a recently promoted team from a small country (Wales) and win the champions league. ri916's FM13 Anglo/Euro Youth Academy Challenge use only youth players. The original challenge only allow the bigger nations. Big Club, Small Country - Challenge using the nationality of the manager (Faroe Islands) to get better regens for the national team. Eventually take over the national team and lead them to glory. This will be an epic save and I hope I can keep it going.
  11. For me Denmark has been very challenging for me to keep going with since you have a large winter break also.
  12. If you feel like you still want some work there is plenty of Danish transfers you could look at: Nicklas Helenius from AAB to Aston Villa Yussuf Poulsen from Lyngby BK to RB Leipzig Simon Kjær from Wolfsburg to Lille Jores Okore from FC Nordsjælland to Aston Villa Andreas Cornelius from FC Copenhagen to Cardiff and many others at http://www.bold.dk/transfers/
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