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  1. Congrats dlwk! What's the longest anyone on your current squad has been with the club? I'm trying to take Horsham up from the Isthmian using super bladesman's 10-level file, and having great fun at it.
  2. Going Overload

    I play overload about 90% of the time with my Horsham side in the Isthmian League and we're currently top of the table with 17 wins in 26 matches. Have gotten to 50 goals before Feb 1st with it. Having midfielders who defend well and take care of the ball seems to be the key in our case.
  3. I have also seen Drogba move to Liverpool, year 2013 in my file
  4. Have had this same experience since installing the 10.3 patch. Quite irritating.
  5. A Season Full of Friendlies?

    No, the normal 10.3 database I believe.
  6. Noobie here. Having gotten sacked each of my first two seasons in the Blue Square South, I began again with Dorchester and spent an inordinate amount of time preparing for the new season. We've trained like our lives depended on it, we've interviewed every available coach, we've had rafts of players come in on trial, we've spent an insane amount of time getting everyone's morale to the Dahli Llama stage. Now my Magpies unit is clicking amazingly well and no one we schedule can stop us. We are totally primed for the season. Except there is no match activity for the Blue Square South. None. At all. It's October second and I have nothing to do but schedule friendlies. And yes, I am a bit disgruntled. There is a league schedule which shows I should have been playing since mid August, but we haven't taken to the field for a single league game, nor has anyone else in the BSS. I thought I'd seen a post about this a week or so back, but can't find it now. I need to tell my Magpies goodbye, quit and start a new season, don't I?