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  1. Evandro Roncatto Kern Lyhne Okoronkwo Stefan Selakovic Tieme Klompe Radoslaw Kaluzny Sanli Tuncay Eldar Hadzimehmedovic Pawel Brozek
  2. I'm playing this FM only with German teams. First Hertha, then Munich 1860. After few seasons I don't know where to spend money.
  3. In my savegame something similar happened. He won it 2 years ago so his attributes were even worse. In 2022 he played in Foggia in Serie B and Sassuolo.
  4. 30 yo from Serbia. Playing from 2000. I think. I remember I bought Kern Lyhne from Silkeborg every time.
  5. Or you could add manager to opponent team and lose intentionally. Cheater moaning game is not fair: "I want world cup in civilized country, fifa is corrupted, dictatorship country uses chemical weapons". Grow up.
  6. SS of Vagnoman and Arp after 4-5 seasons, anyone?
  7. I have problems with some staff roles. For example famous Jens Lehmann. He has perfect attributes for gk coaching, but I can't even offer him that role. I know I can offer him coach role and assing him to work with goalkeepers, but then they should completely remove gk coach role from the game. https://imgur.com/rhGIe1x https://imgur.com/6vn9kO0 I also found some staff with good atributes for scouting or general coaching, but they don't want to negotiate with me because they want only fitness coach or physio role. And then they stay in their clubs earning 300 euros or less per w
  8. Very good update, congratulations! Now we can play FM 18 editor and FM 19 editor at the same time. It would be more interesting than watching fullback dwelling on ball.
  9. Finished 11th season with Foggia. Won Serie C, then promoted from Serie B, relegated, promoted again... Won only Supercup once. Last few seasons, I'm second or third but Juve is dominating. But Europe is conquered.
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