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  1. How To Get My Game Back

    I'll just have to keep a stack of dvd-r's by the computer.
  2. How To Get My Game Back

    Dont panic everyone! Its sorted, i forgot that steam installs on your pc and was going through the website rather than the exe. Duh
  3. I am sick of this SI

    im sorry but thats rubbish, no matter how good your tactics or team are there will be one of those days when it just doesnt go right. im pretty good at this game and with even my best Arsenal side ive never gone more than 60 games.
  4. How To Get My Game Back

    Hi, thanks for the reply. Im a real noob with steam. i have an account, but when i go in all i can see is links selling me games. I cant find any library link or anything.
  5. I am sick of this SI

    I have got to admit that there have been many times in the past i have gone on a huge losing spree, getting stuck in the results loop (ie about four 3-2 losses in a row) got fed up and turned the game off, gone back in and thrashed a team 4-0 that i had previously lost to. i do think sometimes turning the game off and on again can have an effect one way or t'other.
  6. yeah id probaby go with that, i tend never to bother with pitch size tbh. i find it irrelivant.
  7. Hi, a while ago i got the hump with my game and it well, took a dip in the lake near my house (throwing distance out the window). Anyways, im starting to feel the urge to play again and was wondering how i would go about legally getting the game without having to buy it. I didnt register it on steam i just loaded it from the dvd. I do still have the prodiuct key though. i have looked on steam but i find it confusing and well, er a bit **** tbh. Any help would be mucho appreciated.
  8. Just loaded up fm2007 - How long?!!!

    The game and the Sellotape are conspiring against me.
  9. Just loaded up fm2007 - How long?!!!

    Oooooh riquelme I'll have to look fo him.
  10. Just loaded up fm2007 - How long?!!!

    It's amazing tho how once it installed it only took about 3 minutes to start a game with 40 leagues. It flies through the game too.
  11. Just loaded up fm2007 - How long?!!!

    Hmmm I wouldn't bet on it tbh. It's probably best the game takes my fury and not my machine.
  12. Just loaded up fm2007 - How long?!!!

    Ha I'm not rich I just live on a nice little lakeside development and my house is on the edge. I am a madman tho. Unfortunatly I get so furious I have to vent it. It's not the first time I will have to rebuy an issue of fm/cm. Have brought a good many games console controllers in my time too.
  13. Just loaded up fm2007 - How long?!!!

    I searched pato and couldn't find him for some odd reason.
  14. What processor?

    As many cores as you like.
  15. What processor?

    I would imagine that and athlon is the minimum requirement.