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  1. They need to add the role of head coach as apposed to manager. In some modern setups I think the DoF make the signings. Not sure whoever manages PSG has a lot of choice in players. Even at Arsenal Mustafi was apparently a gazidis buy against Wengers wishes. ive been waiting for a more realistic board structure for a long time.
  2. 1. I'd like to be able to arange my squad how I want it. I'm a little anal and it irks me to have a dc/dm who I play in midfield down with the defenders. 2. More hoop la de da. I want more accolades for winning, like interviews about winning teams first champs league or league etc. 3. More fuss when legendary managers like fergie retire instead of him just dissapearing. 4. More effort when I'm a club legend and am winding down my contract to try and make me stay. 5. A setup much like a clubs competion history of all comps I've won whith which team and dates etc. 6. NOT JUST LEAGUE GOALS to be added up on player history. And on club history a total for all goals scored by a player. 7. I'd like to be able to jig my resources. I don't want 50 coaches and 18 scouts! I and most others would obviously want more scouts. That's all for now. 6.
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