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  1. Shouldn't he be on loan to Nottingham Forrest ?
  2. Bug ?

    Why cant i select "Sunday league footballer" as my past experience ?
  3. Why cant i select "sunday league Footballer" as my experience ?
  4. When you offer a player to a club on loan, what is the proposed wage contribution, is it how much your going to pay or how much the other team pays ? Thanks
  5. Help

    Thank you very much.
  6. Help

    Just downloaded the new patch, i tried starting a new game but it still says 11.1.0, shouldn't it say 11.1.1, im using a PC with the Game CD not steam, Thanks for the help
  7. Bugs

    Is there still any bugs that need fixing, also when will patch 10.2 be released ? Thanks for helping and reading
  8. You could change the graphic setting of the game, there should be some sort of option of high medium low if you change it to low then that might make a difference also take all the other unnecessary things off as well.
  9. Hey everyone, should i buy the game now or should i wait for the patch 10.2 ? Thanks for reading and helping
  10. How many leagues and nations do you lot use when you start up your game thanks
  11. What are the differences between steam and the normal version does steam make it the game faster or something, i no that for steam it updates the patch by it self but what are the other differences. Thank you
  12. Loan

    when offering players to other clubs is the loan wage percentage what i have to pay or what the buying club have to pay ? thankks
  13. Question

    Is 50000 a good amount of players to use for a game i want most of the gems in there and was wodering will it still be a good experience thanks
  14. How much players would you recommend using for having a good experience with most of the gems in there, like the minimum amount you would recommend. Thank you very much>
  15. What is a good number of players to use for example at the moment i have about 75000 but i think this is making my game run a little slower and i was wondering if i could knock that down to about 45000 will that still be a good experience of playing it and will all the gems still be there ? And how much do you guys use ? Thank you very much for feedback:D