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  1. thinking of giving this a try tonight? any recent feedback on how this performs in the championship struggling in 20th in the january transfer window with bradford (1st season back in the championship) and struggling to get goals out of my strikers, currently using Darren Bent, Nathan Delfoenso, James Hanson & Kenny Miller neither have scored more than 5 so far!
  2. im currently using this.. my strikers cant score for toffee! most of the goals come from long shots midfielders....
  3. I've just purchased FM15 and struggling so much to get in to it, i think i might be referring to FM14 very soon.
  4. I've just purchased a Laptop cooling pad from Argos £18.99 as I had the same problems, none at all now and runs super smooth!
  5. Yes I paid for it when the game was released. EDIT Ive found the info I require now (should of just read the In-game Editor thread) my apologies.
  6. Hi, Does anyone know how to disable the editor while in a save? Feels so tempting to use it when its there, and I know I hate cheating.. :o:herman:
  7. ive just gone down to level 10 using andyMUFC's db and im looking for logos to use for the lower leagues, wonder if anyone can tell me if there is any out there? tried to search but can find anything
  8. hi , im wonder if anyone can help me, ive recieved this error log as in the pic shown, its always worked before then when i go to load up fmrte , i was presented with the error log, i have emailed support@fmrte.com and awaiting a response , just thought it would be worth a post to see if anyone can help further?
  9. Hi, I wonder if anyone could help ,im trying to download fmrte v5.0 the 1st version for fm 2012 but i can seem to find a link as megaupload doesnt work?
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