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  1. He can write music, sing, drive the women wild with his deep voice, and apparently play AMC
  2. -NEVER shoot on target(Any Striker I get even if he is a 40 goal a season guy) -ALWAYS get red card for two foot tackle(even when Aggressive and tackle are both below 6) -Never make a good pass(Passing 17+)
  3. (Still playing FM2018) Just had my Striker score a goal, however he was obviously offside by at least a step or two, so I had no issue with the goal being disallowed. However, the side judge(or whatever he is called) rulled that the defender of my striker was offside and the goal for their team is disallowed. Wait...what?
  4. Well, it looked like an interesting game and I enjoy manager style games more that the FIFA style. I was directed to FM09 by a forums poster on the OOTP site, not realizing that FOOTBALL Manager was soccer and not American Football. However, I got the demo and played it, enjoyed it, and now I try to get it every year.
  5. I am from the USA, very BASIC soccer(football) knowledge and have been playing since FM09/ Just pick a team, play with them, learn from it, start over...rinse and repeat until you have a good grasp on how the game plays. I have come to enjoy the game and have a new found respect for the RL game.
  6. Not sure in 14, but 13 Aggressive doesn't meet what I think would be a real show of disgust and anger with the players. Basically, I want a temper tantrum type of halftime talk or a "don't you dare come ANYWHERE near the bench or I'll smack the crap out of you" type of shout.
  7. I don't want to throw anything at my players...but maybe a slams the water cooler, dumps the buffet table over...ANYTHING drastic to show the team how mad you really are.
  8. Not sure if anyone will agree with this or not, but I need a new sideline shout or halftime team talk. It should be labeled as ANGRY and the talk/shout is GET YOUR HEAD'S OUT OF YOUR A$$ES!!!(or something very close to this)and only shows up when your team is being dominated by a team that has no business dominating your team. I have needed this a few times.
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