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  1. [FM11] Bhoys will be Bhoys

    will be following this, doing the same with ajax atm, got to the quarter finals in CL lost 2-1 away at barcelona, great achievements so far KUTGW
  2. Player Name: Daniel Janssen Position:ST Date of Birth:6/6/89 Height (cm):181 Weight (kg)80 Club*:Ajax 3 Technical Attributes at 20: finishing, dribbling, long shots 3 Mental Attributes at 20: determination, off the ball, flair 2 Physical Attributes at 20: pace, stamina
  3. The Commonwealth Games

    great start of the seson for Zambia:D 3 mentions and 1 evn top of the list:cool: KUTGW
  4. The Commonwealth Games

    ok, no problem looking forward to it
  5. The Commonwealth Games

    is still going anywhere? wish we could finish as this is my 1st sign-up. and its great
  6. The Commonwealth Games

    exactly what i was hoping for a loan move:D, great updates:thup:
  7. The Commonwealth Games

    yeah i won gold:D, can't wait for next games
  8. The Commonwealth Games

    transfer to tottenham:eek: hope i'll get a loan never be able to break into 1st team great update:thup: only 1 mention for medals
  9. The Commonwealth Games

    ehm... the link to my player (Daniel Kapepwe) doesnt work.
  10. The Commonwealth Games

    Looks great, too bad im not mentioned anywhere:(, but already 2 caps!!!
  11. Commonwealth Games (The Sign-up)

    Name: Daniel Kapepwe DoB: 6/6/90 Nationality: Zambia (Must be a Commonwealth Nation/One of each only/Listed below) Position: AM RL City of Birth: Lusaka Height: 180 cm Weight: 75 kg Foot: right: 18 left: 7 (Total of 25 to award over two feet) Fav Person: Luis Suarez (Only One) Fav Club: Ajax (Only One) Dislike Person: Ibrahimovic (Only One) Dislike Club: Manchester United (Only One) Preferred Moves: go round keeper (Only One) Attributes: (You can pick absolutely any of the attributes you can see on a normal player screenshot) One at 20: Long Shots One at 17: Crossing One at 15: Pace One at 10:Finishing One at 7: Marking One at 5: Tackling One at 1: Long Throws