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  1. I went a bit over the top with my second season signings but I'm finding the CL money is covering it and more. Right now I'm roughly around £35m in the black in mid-September 2017, I think it's vital to get to at least the group stages or I can imagine the finances would take a big hit. I'm finding Scott Brown is getting a lot of yellows and reds for me, is this the same with anyone else? Could just be my tactics though
  2. Mine have been very poor too, been wondering if it was the same for others too. Only had 2 intakes but best players have only been 1 1/2 star PA. Training and Youth facilities both upgraded twice now so hopefully this will change soon!
  3. Decided to start a Celtic save after reading through this article and just finished my second season. The league both times have been fairly easy as it would be expected, so the challenge is really in Europe. 2015/16: Transfers in the first season, Augustinsson was particularly good, has left now to Real Madrid for £5m + 40% of next sale Notable outs were Izaguirre to Marseille for £2m and Johansen to Wolfsburg for £6m after he kicked off for not being allowed to leave Won the league easily, looks closer than it was due to me not winning any games after the league split. Knocked out in the 4th round of the Scottish Cup and the semis of the League Cup Done well to get through the Champions League group stage but were battered by Barcelona in the knockout stages 2016/17: Big spending spree in the 2nd year after getting a very generous £20m+ budget. Rajkovic my goalkeeper for years to come, already displaced Gordon, Rhodes can't stop scoring with Dijks coming in to replace Augustinsson who left in January. Notable outs were Rogic, Stokes and Scepovic More of a gap between us and second this season Champions League good again in an extremely hard group, but easily knocked out in the 1st knockout round again Really enjoying this save so far, hopefully won't be too long before I can have a real run in Europe!