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  1. Just thought I would add to the conversation about strikers... Rashford has been an absolute beast for me playing as a lone Advanced Forward. He's just beaten Charlton's goal scoring record in my 8th season. Well worth a shot in my view.
  2. Certainly not impossible. Expensive, yes. Got him in the 3rd season for £151m, something like £126m upfront, rest of it clauses.
  3. Majority of these are from my long term Man Utd save. 1. Facundo Colidio - Picked him up in the 18/19 season for £3.2m from Boca. Currently on 194 goals in 251 league apps, just a few goals shy of the all time top scorer for Utd. Just a ridiculous player. Even hit 71 goals in one season. Class. 2. Felix Passlack - Shelled out quite a bit for him (£24m) in the 17/18 season when he wasn't getting a look in at Dortmund. Thought he would fit in perfectly as a bombing full back and he done just that. 12 years later he is now my captain and still banging in assists for fun. 3. Kurt Zouma - Again purchased in the 17/18 season. Needed a fast CB and Zouma was the perfect option. Has been nothing but solid since and still my first choice CB/SW at 33. Very consistent. 4. Paulo Dybala - Like most here, I have to give a shout out to Dybala. Had a brief save as Juve and him and Higuain up front just demolished teams. Does feel a bit like a cheat player when using him. Wanted him desperately in my Utd save but never managed it. 5. Eric Dier - Yet another buy from the 17/18 season on my Utd save. Absolute rock in the DM spot. Solid and consistent. Was with me for 11 years before he moved on. Cost me a fair bit (£52m) but for me, he was worth every penny. Quite a few who should get a shout. De Gea was a brick wall in goal. Pogba was immense for me, as was Koke alongside him. Sorry that there is not much variety outside of my Utd save, but thats the one I've been playing the most throughout FM 17.
  4. September 2031 here. Started at Manchester United and still there. Longest save I've had on any Football Manager and still loving it.
  5. Achievements normally update on the season reset date. Around mid June. *Edit* Just saw the end of your post (Should have read it all) Not quite sure why it has not updated :confused: I'm helpful I know...
  6. Sold a young brazilian prospect who was rarely scoring to Monaco for £68m. Highest I have ever received. Oh, and he has now twice put me out of the champions league
  7. Thanks for the advice guys, I decided to drop Mata back into a midfield 3 as a CM/A. Had 2 games where I came up against teams using a DM and the results were very pleasing... First game was against Arsenal, second was West Ham. So far seems to have worked out well just dropping the AMC back to CM as Mata picked up 3 goals and an assist, plus 3 more key passes to the tally. Would still love to find a way to get the AMC to work vs a DM. But 3 in the middle seems to be doing the job. For now at least
  8. Ah yes, probably should have mentioned that I do come up against teams playing with a DMC a lot and that is when he gets the low Avg rating. Every now and then he does well when dealing with a DMC, but its rare. I guess I would just like him involved more and affecting the game more than he is at currently is those matches. Is there any solution when playing agaisnt a DMC? I thought about maybe dropping him back and playing with 3 in the middle. Would that help?
  9. Hi friends, So I'm playing with a 4-5-1 as shown below and I notice that in some games, my AMC-A (Mata) is having very little impact at all on the game. Now with that said, in other games he is clearly performing very well, he has that highest key passes in the league, and an Avg rating of 7.04 in 26 games. Any help here would be great.
  10. Just started my usual Utd save and had a look at the fixtures.... What a start that is should be fun to say the least.
  11. Fairly new here and decided to give this challenge a whirl for something a little different.... Profile So yeah, hoping for succes with the mighty Ashton Utd!! (On a side note, anyone know why my rep is Local when everyone elses is usually Unproven?)
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