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  1. I noticed there is no euro competition for any Norwegian sides. I think that is a bug and I put it in the bug forum.
  2. Seems like a lot of missed penalties but overall pretty good.
  3. I get the yes we will improve the facilities and the project will start soon. 8 months later the project finally starts and it says it will take like a month or two. It take 4-5. It seems broken compared to previous editions.
  4. chanman

    A New Record ?!?!?!?

    Why does it say WC 2330 up top but its the 2326 Final?
  5. chanman

    Just out of interest

    Italy beat France 2-1 after beating Ukraine in PKs in the semis.
  6. Well it seems instead of a player having a clear 1 on 1 with the goalie and trying to dribble past they are now shooting from 30 out so maybe its better. Definitely more laggy than before though.
  7. chanman

    What is your best sale?

    I got something like $52 million for Altidore from Chelsea with a 50% resale clause and a friendly after 4 years on the roster. He was valued around $18 mill. Got $32 million for Schmeichel from one of the French sides a year after signing him on a free. Also got $18 for Eddie Johnson from Aston Villa 1 year after signing him for $3 million.
  8. chanman

    8.02 Patch Wish

    I play in Norway and my reserve team wins their league all the time and they are then given a multi-million dollar payout for winning that league. I also have to pay out $5-8 million for winning the Royal League because its considered a European competition by my squad bonuses. The squad bonuses must be fixed. This was reported way before the first patch and ignored. It kills my finances.
  9. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Themistofelis: Losing reputation is just stupid . Clubs that do well in the championship will gain reputation points till they reach the cap , in Germany the league has a value of 15 , in Norway it is 9 so no matter how many times you win eurocups you will always be a plebe . League reputation is STATIC and affects in a negative way all leagues with a value of 15 or less , for example in spain , italy & england wining 2 championships will make a medium reputation team as famous as Bayern Munich if not more. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> This is one of the biggest problems with the game. I like playing in Norway as it provides a good challenge. I have won EVERYTHING in my 5 years as Rosenborg. Still my reputation makes it hard to sign and keep players. They regularly say they want to go and win cups but I have won the last 4 Champions Leagues.