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  1. Is there any way of editing the champions league groups so that i can put my team with the other teams in my group irl? Either before or after the draw?
  2. Hi, hopefully someone can answer this question. If at the start of a game i edit an attribute on a player, like stamina for example, does this really take effect in the match engine straight away?
  3. how do you even run this thing? Downloaded it, downloaded the microsoft thingy....can someone help a techno ******?
  4. The main think is to make the match engine as good as an can be, so that the way a team really plays is reflected in game. It's weird seeing Vallancienne FC ping it around like Arsenal. But apart from the match engine stuff; Training-The ability to try our different formations/partnerships/tactics in training. If you take over a club in pre-season who you don't know much about IRL, then the friendlies are often not enough to see what is best for the team. With training, you'd be able to see how things work between two defenders for instance, or strikers. I don't want to spend hours on daily training, but just to have a little more immersion and feedback from it other than the arrows pointing up/down/forward etc, and a monthly ass man feedback which is usless. Also, the option to give players more varied training during the week-i.e;Mon they do set pieces/tactics/ball control, on tuesday they do strength/aerobic/defending and so on. Obviously we'd choose and decide what is best for the players, considering upcoming matches etc, but as it is i don't believe the game woul react to us, the player, doing this in the game as it is. It needs to be a simple format ansd have direct consequences for the upcoming games. If we need to shut out a team who are far superior, we mostly train tactics/set pieces/fitness in the previous days. also, automatically give players wo played the day off after a match, and allow us the option to incease that day, and rest the others who didn't play. And of course, sort the transfers out please!!! But mostly the match engines bugs, and make the player interaction more dynamic and organic
  5. What i'd like in future version is the capacity to really mould your managerial personality, and for the personalities of other club managers to be inline with how we see them in the media. I have no idea how, but at the moment it's quite generic. Also i was thinking today about being able to choose your managerial history with better accuracy. ~For instance, we are given options that can determine our standing in the game. So instead of being a newbie manager taking over Real Madrid which is not realistic, you have to choose an club that relates to your standing in the game. You can choose, before the game starts, to be a complete newbie at managment yet perhaps be a well known coach/ass manager in the industry already, and so this limits the types of jobs you can go after- Man utd would not employ you, but Preston might. Or you can choose to be a internationally famous megastar manager like Jose, who has won in Europe and lot's of titles- Thus, Manchester Utd most definatley would employ you, and the players at the club would respond accordingly, and it'd be easier to attract players. It would never explicitly state your history, but you can assume you managed a major clubs or clubs somewhere in europe, although these are never disclosed. There should be various options like these to choose from, and therefore you can start creating who you want to be in the managment game. Perhaps a journeyman option, where you have managed in many different leagues but never settled, or a promisng young english manager option and so on.... People may say this takes the challenge out of the game, but really we should have the choice. If someone wants to be a Mourinho, then that is there choice and would not make the game easier per se. If someone wants a challenge then choose a lowly option and see which clubs will have you and then build your reputation if you can. Plus greater and more organic interaction with other managers, so in a way you can play mind games etc, and obviously better press interaction, which agaian is generic at this stage of FM evolution!
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