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  1. of course he will run with ball less but this means you do not use his dribbling advantage so your team doesnt benefit from that player enough.. sorry for my poor english
  2. think that cannavaro and materazzi . 1 quick and 1 strong players needed to play cover and stopper. and it is the best in my opinion
  3. interesting question

    you will be sacked
  4. Players Requesting New Contracts.

    i agree.it happens a lot. i always reject their requests.
  5. FM11: Official Galatasaray Thread

    legendary why do not you look at the league table?
  6. Disc not found. Why?

    i just tried to find a solution. i have my original version.and this game is already priceless.everyone should buy it
  7. ridiculous wage demands.

    aggree with you. nonsense
  8. ridiculous wage demands.

    no i mean when they accept a lower deal? when a players morale is high, when they're in good form they want more money. when a player is injured and non-playing recently he accepts lower deal . do you understand what i mean? which date are more suitable to renew with less money?
  9. ridiculous wage demands.

    but i mean when they accept an lower deal? i think completely different as you said. if a player is injured and non-playing lately he should lower his demands. and if his morale is high and plays well he wants more money.
  10. i have bought "nuri sahin" and 3 years later i wanted to renew his contrat his current wages 5 250 000$ yearly. and he wanted 21 000 000 $ yearly wage who do you think he is? he must be thinking that he is better than messi. nonsense.. my question is do you know the best time to renew contracts? -- for example in old fm series like 2010-2009 when we approach renewing contratc at the and of the season, before the new season starts, the players were accepting lower wages.
  11. thanks for this great explanation but i wont copy your schedules cos i think these must be change by tactics- game plan-players. etc.
  12. Mattyboy89 is exactly right. if a player has 20 jumping and pace he plays better than Messi. other attributes is not important too much. also there is something bad in the game. for example a player is 1,60 m height and has 20 jumping attribute and the other player is 1,90 height and has 10 jumping attribute when they are trying to head to ball %99 the small one wins.
  13. i always try to renew contracts as soon as the matches end. sorry for my poor english. i mean after whole games have been played but before the player's holidays. at this date they want less money
  14. i am in 2018-2019 season. i loaded 3 leagues Spain England and Turkey with low database. i could never find who has ability to teach with 5 star in training. just my fitness coach can do this. there is no coaches in the world who has high rating of Determination,Discipline and Motivation. there are some scouts who has them but no coaches. i am curious about that if would played with large database does this stuation change?
  15. Friendlies, Good or Bad?

    also players gain macth fit and improve conditions.