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  1. Shirt numbers and names missing

    Yes. I had an "ad board" but I fix it. Its NOT a game bug. Thanks for the help.
  2. Unrealistic fans

    I think this is a bug. I have 3 issues. 1st_ I play a game and the fans at the stadium are like 125 but you hear them like they are 25000! Its so weird guys you should fix it. 2nd_ At the same game from the 125, 8 are from the away team but whem you see them they look like they are 500!! 3rd_ At a game where fans are banned the crowd is there, they was 25000 home fans and 25000 away fans!!!!!!
  3. Hi. Shirt numbers and player names dont show on game. I dont know if its a bug or something I have to fix on options.
  4. [Greece] (Official) Data Issues

    At AEK the as. manager is Ufano that you have him as a trainer. Calderon has left AEK, he is no longer as. manager
  5. 3D shirts are wrong

    Hi. I play AEK at Greek Superleague and the 3D kits are wrong. The front strips are at the back and the front is all black.
  6. Real Manager photo

    both working fine......
  7. Real Manager photo

    You are just AVOIDING to answer us and its getting real ANNOYING !!!!!!!! 1 f**cking simple question: WE want to have the option on that, why cant WE have the option to decide witch one we want?? I am USING my picture in FM17 with a 3rd party progrmm and its working PERFECT!!!!!!!!! so dont ******** us guys. Tells us that you dont want to admit your big mistake.... simple;;;;;;;
  8. I hope this year we will be able to upload our REAL photo and not that regen thing....
  9. President !!!

    Hi, guys. Wouldnt be nice to play as a president?? I mean you can be president and hire-sack a manager, get players, build stadiums and more...
  10. Steam in-home play.

    Its alittle bit tired that way... The best is to play at other's pc...
  11. I have buy football manager via steam. if i want to play with my brother same time, same league, different teams, can we do it? o we have to buy another game??!! Cause when i install it in pc and in laptop , ONLY one can play online. The other has to go offline. Can we do it via steam in-home connect?? Is there another way?
  12. Is there a way to make the board never say no when I ask something? For epx. if I ask a new stadium they wont say no to me!!!
  13. [FM17] CFM Skin 2017 - v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L

    In match game the titlebar is with smal dots. s it possible t change this?
  14. Real fixtures!

    Hi all. I have manage to create through the editor the real fixtures and scores for the Greek Superleague. But I cant fint how to create the Greek cup fixtures. I can find the dates of all the cup stages but cant fint to put fixtures and scores. Is it possible to create the cup fixtures or only the league ones??
  15. Team ban.

    Hi all. In this season one team got banned for 3 points in the league. Haw can I put this in the game through the editor?? I cant find it. Any help??