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  1. working with youngsters 1(:D) amd motivation 1 (:D). Either its a bug or just no one think about this part of the game. You DONT have to be a manager for 30 years to become good!!! So maybe we should post this in the bug topic?
  2. I manage the team for 6 years. IT suppose to get your stats better when updating a diploma, doesnt it? And as Mr U Rosler said I have most youth players in my team, the ones that I get every year about February from my youth camp. Work with youngsters is 3 !!!!!!! Take a look at my stats after 6 year and with continental pro... Look at the left ones. They are full, except the first and the one with faith in players, cause i lose all the good ones, I can kep them, they go to bigger bteams
  3. Hi. I start a game and as a manager i put no diploma and amateur player so my stats are almost 1-2. I start with a 4th division team. As the years pas i uopldate my diploma. I also manage to take the team at 2nd division. I am a legent in my team. I finally get the continental pro and have a real good history. But my stats as manager are really low!! I have the pro antd my stats are abou 4-5-6. If i put the continental pro at the beggining of the game my stats go about 10-11-12. And gets more better if I prove my past as a player. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I cant change team. They take it as a joke(!!!)
  4. My game keeps crashing when I try to see Niki Volou's team page. I have the crash report.
  5. Hi. My game keeps crashing when I try to see Niki Volou's team page. How can I send you the crash report? I got it in crash dump
  6. I know this. I am asking if I can choose wich one I will play in a game, home-away or third. For exp. I may wanna use the third one in one of my games. Can I pick this?
  7. Can I choose wich team colors I will use in a 3D game(home-away or third)?? And if yes how can I do it. Via editor or playing the game?
  8. Its only in European games dude, in the national league there is people......... for exp, i play vs a team in superleague and the stadium is full, and at next game i play in european game and the stadium is empty.
  9. I play AEK Athens from Greece. I win the Superleague and next year I play at the Champions League. But in home games there is NO people. When I play games in Greek superleague there is people. Is it possible that ther is a ban? And if there is, WHERE can I see the type of ban and how many time is left???
  10. Resolved

    Finaly it was a editor file... Thank you for your help. How can I make this on solved??
  11. Resolved

    No. I try a game with 0 editor files but still the same problem.
  12. Hello. After the winter update I have 2 problems. 1_ Greece is not playable, 2 teams are missing from 2nd Division. 2_ I play the saved game but its much more slower and players keep dissapear and came back again......