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  1. Hi all. If a team gets banned (e.x. - 4 points), how can we do it through editor? Where must i g t edit the -4 ponts t that team?
  2. You can put the Greek Superleague, Ill send it to you. Can you help me about the real reasults? If you put real results can you have the option to start a new game at the closing of winter transfers?? Greek fixtures by
  3. info provided

    I manage to create the real fixtures of a league. I also put the real results till 1-3-2017. But when I start a game I cant go at 1-3-2017. I always start at the pre season. Cnan I start at 1-3-2017 and if yes, how?
  4. Yes, but they dont have the wright rules..
  5. AGS Diagoras Rachon with id:36059297 has in game red background. This is wrong. The first color for this team is blue. So is the home kits.
  6. I really dont understand why you replaced this option and leave us only with the regen photo of ourselves. Bring back the option so we can put our photo instead.
  7. You keep having wrong the colors on this team. The backgrond is red. The colors are blue and green, NOT red. I send you the logo of the team and the shirts. id is 96059297
  8. We would like to see more divisions from Greece. At least 3rd and EPS. Instead of getting ready editor fixing that never works good.
  9. info provided

    If I go back to the previous update 17.2 will it be able?
  10. info provided

    Really?? Why is it removed?? We can olny have the game image now?? You should bring back this option, I really dont understand the meaning of this...
  11. After the last update I cant put my picture as manager. In the game pref, there is NO option as before to upload your manager pidture.
  12. working with youngsters 1(:D) amd motivation 1 (:D). Either its a bug or just no one think about this part of the game. You DONT have to be a manager for 30 years to become good!!! So maybe we should post this in the bug topic?
  13. I manage the team for 6 years. IT suppose to get your stats better when updating a diploma, doesnt it? And as Mr U Rosler said I have most youth players in my team, the ones that I get every year about February from my youth camp. Work with youngsters is 3 !!!!!!! Take a look at my stats after 6 year and with continental pro... Look at the left ones. They are full, except the first and the one with faith in players, cause i lose all the good ones, I can kep them, they go to bigger bteams
  14. Hi. I start a game and as a manager i put no diploma and amateur player so my stats are almost 1-2. I start with a 4th division team. As the years pas i uopldate my diploma. I also manage to take the team at 2nd division. I am a legent in my team. I finally get the continental pro and have a real good history. But my stats as manager are really low!! I have the pro antd my stats are abou 4-5-6. If i put the continental pro at the beggining of the game my stats go about 10-11-12. And gets more better if I prove my past as a player. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I cant change team. They take it as a joke(!!!)
  15. My game keeps crashing when I try to see Niki Volou's team page. I have the crash report.