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  1. I hope this year we will be able to upload our REAL photo and not that regen thing....
  2. President !!!

    Hi, guys. Wouldnt be nice to play as a president?? I mean you can be president and hire-sack a manager, get players, build stadiums and more...
  3. Steam in-home play.

    Its alittle bit tired that way... The best is to play at other's pc...
  4. I have buy football manager via steam. if i want to play with my brother same time, same league, different teams, can we do it? o we have to buy another game??!! Cause when i install it in pc and in laptop , ONLY one can play online. The other has to go offline. Can we do it via steam in-home connect?? Is there another way?
  5. Is there a way to make the board never say no when I ask something? For epx. if I ask a new stadium they wont say no to me!!!
  6. [FM17] CFM Skin 2017 - v1.01D | v2.1D | v2.1L

    In match game the titlebar is with smal dots. s it possible t change this?
  7. Real fixtures!

    Hi all. I have manage to create through the editor the real fixtures and scores for the Greek Superleague. But I cant fint how to create the Greek cup fixtures. I can find the dates of all the cup stages but cant fint to put fixtures and scores. Is it possible to create the cup fixtures or only the league ones??
  8. Team ban.

    Hi all. In this season one team got banned for 3 points in the league. Haw can I put this in the game through the editor?? I cant find it. Any help??
  9. Team ban

    Hi all. If a team gets banned (e.x. - 4 points), how can we do it through editor? Where must i g t edit the -4 ponts t that team?
  10. Real Fixtures Pack 16-17 v3 (13/11/16)

    You can put the Greek Superleague, Ill send it to you. Can you help me about the real reasults? If you put real results can you have the option to start a new game at the closing of winter transfers?? Greek fixtures by nikolaosaek.zip
  11. Real results.

    I manage to create the real fixtures of a league. I also put the real results till 1-3-2017. But when I start a game I cant go at 1-3-2017. I always start at the pre season. Cnan I start at 1-3-2017 and if yes, how?
  12. Greek lower divisions.

    Yes, but they dont have the wright rules..
  13. [Greece] (Official) Data Issues

    AGS Diagoras Rachon with id:36059297 has in game red background. This is wrong. The first color for this team is blue. So is the home kits.
  14. I really dont understand why you replaced this option and leave us only with the regen photo of ourselves. Bring back the option so we can put our photo instead.
  15. You keep having wrong the colors on this team. The backgrond is red. The colors are blue and green, NOT red. I send you the logo of the team and the shirts. id is 96059297