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  1. In Super League 2 there are 4 B teams that are not available to manage. Is this a bug? They should be able for us to manage one of them.
  2. Can someone explain please what excactly is the diff CA and PA at editor. we see the usually CA and PA in a players card and below we see again CA and PA. Witch one is the true CA and PA?? Thanks
  3. Can determination be trained? How doew it gets better at a player for expl. 5 Determination?
  4. Here are the logos ready !! Try them and put them. I cant find 3 cups. NC and mic football 1 and 2. These are at china youth? because it count not be verified through editor with the new update. The others I verified them my self. So maybe these missing 3 cups are from that one. youth cups.zip
  5. I think that an option to choose the team kits before starting the match day would be nice.
  6. And YES, here we go again this year. I think this will be the last one to create a perfect game. The ability to create new, or edit existing stadiums. The 3D match game has alot of mistakes at the way the stadiums look. So via editor we should be able to make this without Sport Interactives Games have any liscensing issues.
  7. I have one file at adnanced rules with the hole Greek tree leagues. I have a second file in basic rules with the real fixtures. Is there a way to combine these two files? Because the game will allow ONLY one file with changes from the country. I have uploaded the two files, if someone can help me. Greece.7z
  8. nikolaosaek


    Indeed the stadiums at FM are really bad and nothing close to reallity. SIgames should let us edit the stadium via editor so there are no liscense issues
  9. When you try to add training schedules for the season it is really annoying that you must put one by one for every save. For expample i have about 45 year plan schedules and I have to input and save them one by one every time I start a new save. Could it be able to save them as a pack and just need to input only one file. Just like the training set pieces, as you can save them as one file.
  10. It would be nice and reallistic to have an option to say goodbye to the team when moving to another as coach.
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