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  1. nikolaosaek


    Hi all. Is there any sound edit for matches? Its really weird playing a game with 20 people and you can hear them like they are 50000!! Maybe some with cheers for clubs. Can we edit a sound and place it/ For exp take a crowd cheer and put in in matces.
  2. nikolaosaek

    Home fans with away colors

    Look at this bug. The home fans have the away colors and shirts. I sent you the game to see. I got it solved. The stadium was under constr. so it showed only the away fans. But still they seem too many... So maybe a bug remains Διαγόρας Ραχών - Άρης.pkm
  3. I got a new player, regen, and I managed to get him a picture too, a real one. Its working fine everywhere exept in the news panel. See the photo.
  4. As we know our staff can get better by upgrading their diploma. At least trainers do. But what happens to physio, scouts, goalkeeping trainers, and others that you cant send them for upgrade?? Imagine there is a staff with current ability 100 and potential ability 180. Does he upgrade himself through training or through scouting? He gets better by the years or they stay forever 100?? And a question that nobody has answer me yet for staff. we have 2 scouts. They have excactly the same scout attributes. The first has 100CA -180PA and the other has 150CA - 155PA. Who is better??
  5. nikolaosaek

    Youth potential ability

    So you mean that the black will turn to normal when we got his full reports. ok, i got that. But I was asking about his hidden potential. In the editor when you see a youth player or edit him you see the potential is not excactly but like a 130-160. Is that the same with the youth tha generates the game? I mean he is like 130-160 that depends on what training you do, or is it 130 flat whatever you do to him?? Is the hidden standard for these players or can it change till the age of 19? For all the others I know it DONT change whatever you do.
  6. Hi all. When a my youth team gets new players, their potential is like black. Is he already given his potential and the scouts dont know it or it may change through training and improve? For exp. if a 15 years old player has given grom game 130 potential. Is that it or with good training he might go 160 potential?
  7. nikolaosaek

    Shirt numbers and names missing

    Yes. I had an "ad board" but I fix it. Its NOT a game bug. Thanks for the help.
  8. nikolaosaek

    Unrealistic fans

    I think this is a bug. I have 3 issues. 1st_ I play a game and the fans at the stadium are like 125 but you hear them like they are 25000! Its so weird guys you should fix it. 2nd_ At the same game from the 125, 8 are from the away team but whem you see them they look like they are 500!! 3rd_ At a game where fans are banned the crowd is there, they was 25000 home fans and 25000 away fans!!!!!!
  9. Hi. Shirt numbers and player names dont show on game. I dont know if its a bug or something I have to fix on options.
  10. nikolaosaek

    [Greece] (Official) Data Issues

    At AEK the as. manager is Ufano that you have him as a trainer. Calderon has left AEK, he is no longer as. manager
  11. nikolaosaek

    3D shirts are wrong

    Hi. I play AEK at Greek Superleague and the 3D kits are wrong. The front strips are at the back and the front is all black.
  12. nikolaosaek

    Real Manager photo

    both working fine......
  13. nikolaosaek

    Real Manager photo

    You are just AVOIDING to answer us and its getting real ANNOYING !!!!!!!! 1 f**cking simple question: WE want to have the option on that, why cant WE have the option to decide witch one we want?? I am USING my picture in FM17 with a 3rd party progrmm and its working PERFECT!!!!!!!!! so dont ******** us guys. Tells us that you dont want to admit your big mistake.... simple;;;;;;;
  14. I hope this year we will be able to upload our REAL photo and not that regen thing....
  15. nikolaosaek

    President !!!

    Hi, guys. Wouldnt be nice to play as a president?? I mean you can be president and hire-sack a manager, get players, build stadiums and more...