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  1. Ah OK. Ohhhhh yeh wait a minute - that's the new club who started about 3 years ago due to the other one going bust for swindling the tax man out of £49m over 10 years. Had to think just for a sec there
  2. Great backdrop there, bud "Fierce Rivals - Rangers". Any idea who they are??
  3. If I were a Southampton fan but that was just a team at random I gave you to test I'm a Bhoy here through and through
  4. Excellent thanks. So at least I know now the reason it doesn't work for me is because I only have the Demo and should be fine on the full game
  5. Does the link I posted not download the file? I uploaded it to FileDropper
  6. Yeh if you can check Southampton please. There should be Home, Away, and 3rd kit (I've checked with my FM14 save and all three kits come up OK when I start a new game in there).
  7. OK cool....here you go - http://www.filedropper.com/kitcorrections (Hope that link works for you)
  8. Nope...just tried it now and the file I use for FM14 doesn't work with the Demo of FM16. Copied the file into the 'editor data' folder, started a new Demo game and still comes up with original game default. Seems like I'll just have to try it all when/if I get the full version of the game.
  9. OK thanks. I see there's an "editor data" folder for the FM16 Demo so copy over the file to there and see how it goes. Surely if it works in the demo then it'll work in the full game when I get it.
  10. You understand correct yes The only thing I have touched in the Editor is the deletion/addition of team's 3rd kits where needed. So if I put the file (I'll call it by the name I have given it to keep things simple), Kit Corrections, into the 'editor data' folder for FM16, will that bring just the changes I have within the FM14 Editor? I mean it's not like teams who died within the last couple of years will be back in or any team name changes that are in FM16 will be overwritten if I bring in just that file? Sorry to seem like such a noob
  11. I use 3rd party Kit Packs for the leagues in FM14 (playable leagues and non-playable leagues) and I've done my own kit corrections through the FM14 Editor for those teams who either have or don't have a 3rd kit. For example, when I download the kits I use and a team only has a Home & an Away kit but the game's default shows them having a Home, an Away, and a 3rd kit then I'll remove the default 3rd kit from the Database so that the only kits that get shown will be the Home & Away ones I've downloaded. Same being that if a team only has a Home & an Away kit as default in the game but there are 3 kits for that team in the packs I use I'll add a 3rd kit so all three shows up in the game. Apologies if I've over-explained the above but my question is do I have to do all the corrections again through the FM16 Editor or can I use the 'Merge Editor Data (Database Changes Only)' option to import the changes I made within the FM14 Editor into FM16? If I need to go through them again, then so be it, but it will be handy to know before I actually start anything. Thanks.
  12. It's actually pretty strange seeing people struggle with the 3D and having 5 stars while having what seems to be better systems that what I do. I have... i7-2700K 3.5GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost with 8Gig MEM 8Gig DDR 3 MEM WIN 7 64-bit I am playing the Demo and I have a 3 star rating but I have absolutely no problems in running everything full. Everything is really smooth.
  13. Playing my 1st match now, so obviously I don't know yet how things will play out on how the players act, but my very 1st impressions of what I've seen so far are that the defenders don't seem to be daundering about on the ball for ages rather than passing to someone who's in the open. They also don't seem to be just jogging about going nowhere and then suddenly kicking the ball out, inexplicably, for a throw in. Also, the ME does look fantastic with the way the pitch and players looks and the way they move. I'm loving the way the fans are waving, jumping around; you actually see match stewards in the stands now as well; can see the emergency crews with their stretchers at the corners of the pitches along with what look like the odd cop or two; the area outside the pitch like the houses & roads or whatever looks superb; even the burger vans and all the other wee graphics around the pitches are nicely done. While they aren't big additions to the way the game actually plays, obviously, they are very nice touches that do add to that "match day feel". I'm playing as Arbroath in my first pre-season game against Heriot-Watt University, so I can only imagine what the bigger games will look like. One big issue that I had with the ME in FM14 was the ice skating and the ridiculous ball physics when it travelled so easily from one end of the pitch to the other, but THANK f**k that has now gone! The players are actually running/walking now rather than ice skating and the ball doesn't travel for miles with a mere tap. It actually goes through the air and rolls like a normal ball and not an ice puck. Also I LOVE the new Touchline Team Talk and I think this will be a great addition. SO many times I wanted a way to tell a player who was committing to many fouls to ease off or a player who's maybe making a bit too many mistakes to concentrate. Now we have that it, so we'll see how that plays out too. I don't usually buy the game every year, but so far I'm liking this version and there could very well be a chance that I will be buying this after the last update & transfers has been applied in February/March.
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