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  1. Put a jar of asparagus in front of the screen and pressed enter. The asparagus turned into peyote and my laptop melted. Now what?
  2. If he ain't a scrouge type I would call some tax eavasion type shenanigans.
  3. After assuming my new identity I found I had a rental house, a car, a motorcycle, a huge collection of children's movies and leather jackets. So I sold almost everything, made a killing on the children's movie collection, some of those collection editions are real valuable these days. Kept the bike, the computer hard drive and some clothes. Picked up the bike and drove in a roundabout way to check what my job was, the bike already had a waterproof duffel with some clothes on the back, so I just went. Stopped for some gas and a road map, to see where Merthyr Tydfil was. At first I was afra
  4. It's a mystery to me, the game commences for the usual fee, plus expenses, it's public plagiation, it's a diary, this is my experimentation, it's not a confidential inquiry. I go checking out the reports, digging up the dirt you get to meet all sorts in this line of work, treachery and treason there's always an excuse for it and when I find the reason... I still can't get used to it and what have you got, at the end of the day? What have you got to take away? A set of tactics and a new set of ties. Blinds on a window and a pain behind the eyes, scarred for life... No compensatio
  5. Meet John Smith, the new Manager of Merthyr Town F.C. :
  6. In my save Lee Lucas is a League 2 talent with and expiring contract that doesn't want to even talk contract and just goes away, not even one game got out of him...
  7. Already in the Premier League, let's see what his career will be.
  8. Thanks. It was unexpected but surely welcome. Now another step in the ladder, let's see how long we take to climb it. Really cleaned house, now only 1 non youth in my team, big bet on the new youngster for midfield let's see if I can stay up.
  9. And my players are accepting very low salaries during contract renewals, and know I have to option to offer 3 year contracts.
  10. Season 2023/24 - Vanarama North After 4 years fighting for safety, this season we changed the field to the smallest possible in width and length, got our two strikers with the best personalities working together, started playing through the middle by the assistant manager tip and we got promoted! Our home form was terrific and our away form appalling, but it was enough, and in the playoffs my preparation to have a determined squad seemed to give us the extra edge. Records: Season League Position Win Draw Lo
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