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  1. Hi there could someone help me please I cant find an answer to this I have bought and downloaded FM 2011 through Steam and installation has worked perfectly. I have encountered a problem when trying to start up the game however. When I open Steam and go to Library I see 'Football Manager' and the 'Play' button. Underneath is the Acheivements box followed by the Latest news etc box.. When I click play, it tells me 'Football Manager is already running'. I have tried to exit Steam and restart but when I try to exit it tells me to 'Close Football manager 2011 first'. Not quite sure what the problem is as the whole download procedure worked perfectly. Any help would be great thank you
  2. Jerky matches graphics.

    2 stars havent had any probs yet *touches wood*
  3. Jerky matches graphics.

    Where can I check my graphics rating???
  4. Im using the dark skin dunno if the backgrounds will be any good the strawberry version has the new kits so might aswell just put the player pics in.
  5. Strawberry Demo!

    Dunno mate try uninstalling it and reinstalling it from the website bit of a **** about but itll be better than waiting 10 years for a torrent download
  6. Test it and let me know the results matey so I dont put them in the program files folder, I put them in my documents right??? Im sure thats the normal gist.....
  7. All I need to know is where I should import my 09 graphics to please? Im using Steam - cheers.
  8. Strawberry Demo!

    Steam is the best option definitely the quickest to download mate
  9. Do you know which folder I would have to copy them to please mate? Ive used steam for my demo - cheers!
  10. demo or full game?

    Best to check it out first IMO you wont be disappointed it wee wees on 09 from a great height thats for sure!
  11. Just getting stuck into it now -INCREDIBLE!!!! Its gonna be a better birthday present than a weekend invite to Hugh Hefners pad Goodbye life.
  12. Anyone tried this yet? Also if you can do that where will I copy them to? Im using steam...... Cheers
  13. Anyone tried importing any graphics from FM09 into the game yet? If so do they work fine?
  14. Great post I wish this England match would hurry up and finish cant wait to get stuck in