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  1. I agree. I havent seen a tactic in FM2011 playing better offensively than yours even though you said your tactic is focused in defence.
  2. I see everyone using this tactic scores from corners whereas I havent scored even once!!! Did I download an old version of it before you had tweaked set pieces Elhan? In addition some questions: which player playing at what position do you use as corner taker? and who shall I use from my Liverpool side? On a side note: I have ticked Defensive set-piece special focus in Match Preparation screen in order to not concede from corners? Is it possible that this causes the issue?
  3. Left corner - Maxi Rodriguez (right-footed) Right corner - Fabio Aurelio (left-footed) Far Post - Skrtel
  4. Two things happen. Fiirst case my defender wins the header at the far post but he is already too far from goal so his header ends up wide for a goal kick or in the second case the corner ends up at an opposition defender standing at the 6-yard box who clears the ball with ease because my players arent even close to him.
  5. 2nd game 5-0 even easier than before. Everything is working out perfectly except attacking corners. I use your corner tips but my team wont score from them, why?
  6. First game played with this tactic won 4-0 really easy. After the match the manager of the opposite team commented that he has never seen such a magnificent defensive set-up. Top quality stuff, well done Elhan!
  7. Defence is poorly set up, I have conceded 15 goals in five league matches. How can you have both CBs with the same closing down? Even last years outdated Mr Hough tactics work better than this tactic on FM2011.
  8. Set these settings for defensive corners set-pieces, 100% guaranteed you wont concede any goal. GK-Default DR-Go Back DL-Go Back DC-Mark Tall Player DC-Mark Tall Player MC-Man Mark MC-Go Back AMR-Mark Near Post AML-Mark Far Post ST-Go Back ST-Stay Forward
  9. I have been playing with Chelsea on FM2011 demo with some great results so far using this tactic, especially in offense. I won every friendly pre-season match and now heading towards November I have secured a victory in all matches Ive played. Notably, I have crushed Manchester United 6-1, Arsenal 5-0, Fulham 8-1. All in all, my team is producing some deadly counter attacks by trapping the opponent into leaving a lot of space behind his defence which I exploit. On the other hand, my defensive line tends to get exposed to a number of one-on-ones whenever the opposite team gets past my two central midfielders who press high to win the ball in order to launch a counter attack and as a result risk leaving some exploitable space between them and my team's center backs.
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