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  1. Clinched my first title with three games to spare, winning 3-2 away at Newcastle, was 2-2 with ten minutes to go when debutant Raheem Sterling netted the winner what a start to his league career little man
  2. Trying to do a redux of my FM11 effort with Liverpool, a root and branch with Juan Mata and Junior Stanislas, phenomenally successful with 8 consecutive Champions Leagues, looking to mix my key tenets of youth, stable melded squad and profit with the FSG spent-shitloads model. So I signed Momo Diarra on a free as first season DM backup/first choice anchor man because I adore Momo and he perfectly fills the role I would have Lucas in if Liverpool's midfield wasn't so uninspiring for the 4-5-1/4-3-3 fluid model I like to adopt. I also took the bite for Afellay once I was sure Joaquin was out of my price range- versatility and technique are key. This left me with a first XI looking like this: I then sorted out training and coaching to my satisfaction, pruning the youth and reserve squads, identifying Sterling, Robinson, Flanagan, Suso, Wilson, Morgan as my prospects and Leonardo Bittencourt brought in to the reserves too. The new pro/youth training scheme has made removing crappy youth all the more important. Goodbye Henoc John Mukendi. After some friendlies against decent teams like Lyon, Aston Villa and HSV, we went straight in away at Man City. A disciplined 1-0 victory has led to a scary run of form- a 100% record with all clean sheets bar a 4-3 away win at Arsenal. Definitely anomalous. Suarez has 7 in 7 as a lone striker and we are reaping the benefits of not playing Carroll. However, despite being top of the league and already beaten Arsenal, City and Chelsea away, our position was just made tenuous with key men Suarez and Agger out for 3 weeks after an international break. Lets hope Bellamy and Coates can step up! God bless! edit: Wolves home first match without Suarez, played Bellamy instead, and despite 14 shots drew 0-0. Just like Liverpool irl
  3. Depressingly simple when you think about it Ho! Ho! Ho!
  4. 8 game ban for that thread title. Kwadwo is a wonderful player, see him as potential left back as well, or maybe a hard-working left midfielder...
  5. All fullbacks retrained to other fullback, all wingers to other wing, all cms to dm and all forwards to amr/aml, it's what makes a squad a squad and makes the bench much more versatile
  6. Just a little immersion feature, but little things like club having famous/favourable tactics and media snippets on those- Tiki Taka at Barca, Total Football with Ajax/Netherlands, wing play at Man Utd, pass and move at Liverpool, possession at Arsenal, catenaccio with AC Milan and Italian sides. Fans could prefer managers who adhere to these principles and it could also be part of managerial profiles to a greater extent, so clubs would be more likely to appoint manages based on tactics. And related to signings, managers should look for their kind of places- like Tony Pulis and big people usw. Also, it would be cool to pick a matchday backroom team, so from my selection of coaches I could choose which ones I'd like on the touchline with me for matches, especially at big clubs Obviously also multiple favoured teams/languages and so on in manager profile
  7. Your team must be incredibly well gelled and blended together, combined with the tactics I assume that is a large part of your astonishing success :> Just read through the whole thing, really amazing, congrats for everything so far
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