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  1. Started this save without the lower level additions and would like some more Merseyside teams to poach talent from, so been trying to 'dope' Marine from EL7 to get them into BSN. Only gave them £850k in January (three seasons in) but FC United got promoted instead. Didn't expect results straight away, but does anyone know if I actually can influence results in non-playable leagues by buying their players for huge amounts? (I'm not using RTE or anything like that, just buying their players for big money )
  2. Found focusing match prep on defending and training on defending helped iron these out a little, make sure you take advantage of it yourself with inside forwards/wingers.
  3. Would be nice if World Player of the Year shortlist took into account things other than the CA and rep it seems to. 2014, won league and won Champions League, only one player nominated. Even if squad isn't greatest, there would surely be recognition, like the Porto side from 2004 got?
  4. Kept Reina's (in excel) for ten games at the start of 2013-14 season but it was an amazing 43% or something like that so I thought I'd just forget about it and he got much better once I stopped hoping he'd save things!
  5. Only realised just how ridiculously key working on defence in training is to not conceding half-way through a season. Revolutionised my game, which was a bit extreme for a feature that changed basically unexplained. Almost safe to do att. movement when it's a guaranteed victory though! It's a change to the system with legs, but having a sliding scale like there is for tactic familiarity could be good
  6. First XI Second XI Reserves McGregor Green Nasa (5 star pot) Johnson Kelly McLaughlin Skrtel Wilson Jones Coates Bocchetti Hendrix Robinson Cresswell Pelosi Bolatti Wisdom Coady Gerrard Shelvey Suso Henderson Allen Lussey Yarmolenko Sterling Ibe Lennon Thomsen Morgan Suarez Borini Yesil Won league unbeaten 2013-14, won Champions League but was shocking in domestic cups. Sold Reina and Lucas for £50m, trusting on McGregor and Bolatti/Wisdom to hold my fort.
  7. Did think Neymar on a free was too good to be true, but it certainly is moreso for Barca on that wage and of all teams on the game they need the least help!
  8. Approached Neymar on a free transfer in Jan 2014, Liverpool (won PL first season), he turned me down for Barcelona, I thought fair enough, signed Gabby Agbonlahor and Aaron Lennon instead. Looked at him again in June, he's on £37.5k a week, with minimal bonuses. I was pleased to negotiate him down to £120k p/w with huge bonuses. Is reputation that huge a factor (Barca one half star bigger than me) or have I been ****ed over here? In any case, Neymar earning that little at Barca of all places does not seem real. Don't have earlier savegame so not reporting as bug or anything, just asking if this is normal. Can see him rejecting anyone for Barca, but not accepting terms so low. Similarly, Lucas I just sold for £30m to Benfica because I couldn't get him below £100k p/w new contract, he signed for them on £58k p/w. Pretty frustrating stuff. However, negotiated Johnson down from £80k p/w to £60k p/w which I was pleased with and signed players like Yarmolenko on about £45k p/w, so wondering if there was a mechanic I'm missing in the game? EDIT: Got my dates wrong, didn't say Bonlahor instead, I did that in summer 2013 when I had the deal ready to go with Neymar but pulled the plug because I thought £40m was a bit steep. So maybe that past experience had a bearing on his rejecting me? Still doesn't explain £37.5k p/w at Barca though.
  9. Ronnie Pander. FM08. Dutch central midfielder extraordinaire. He shoots, he scores, he tackles, he gets sent off. Francesco Flachi. FM08. Sign him for Crewe as a bargain not realising he can't play for a whole year. Have him hang around the club then propel us into the Premiership. Daryl Murphy and Andrew Keogh. FM08. Lauri Dalla Valle pre-Liverpool. FM10 Andres Guardado for the novelty of being able to buy him for £4.5m rather than the £30m of the previous few years. Fabio Paim CM4.
  10. Reina is a gamebreaker. Been keeping an excel sheet and he saved 42% of SOT this season. That is pathetic.
  11. In games we dominate he appears to have lost concentration (attribute 15) and started knitting and he is also infuriatingly bad at his near post. His plus-points are 1-on-1s (which I never give away) and penalties. Can put up with him for one more season but do not expect to do well in Europe with him. How did your Champions League campaign go?
  12. Ended up choosing Gabby and Lennon and beat Man Utd 1-0 in Community Shield. First game of the season to home to Wigan, 3-0 up and not had a shot on goal by 50 minutes. First shot onGoal, through Reina. Second shot on goal, through Reina. Third shot on goal, straight through Reina. Johnson sent off 'dubious decision' Claw one back Fourth shot on goal, Reina parries straight at Boselli Fifth shot on goal. 4-4. Hate him. If he does the same away at Soton he's gone before the end of this window. And the jammy **** got a 6.8 so I couldn't even fine him for crimes against goalkeeping.
  13. Agbonlahor (£9.5m) and Lennon (£7m) or Abel Hernandez (£9m) and Chung-Young? (£12.5m) Gabby and Lennon have weaker mentals but are quicker, Hernandez and Chung-Young are better all-rounders but lack the bite I expect- will also be using these guys as backup so against the slower teams or later in matches, making speed even more vital. Also don't want them around for too long, with them functioning as stop-gaps before my youngsters start coming through in earnest. @Suarez2 - whenever I go through a period like that, focus training on defending. @cyborgscouse - got a 15 year old newgen who Madrid hadn't offered a pro contract to who can be first choice at a Casillas-esque age so sticking with Pepe for the moment and hoping he doesn't go missing in big games again :>
  14. Reina just went three games without making a single save. Every single shot on target for three games has gone in. So we've drawn 1-1, lost 4-3 and lost 4-2. And he reacts badly to being told he's *****. **** off Pepe. EXTRA: FA Cup Final and Europa League both lost (Man Utd and Athletic) 10 saves made against me, Pepe manages a grand total of 5 saves. Equal to the number of goals conceded. Any half-decent replacements for him?
  15. First season I won the league on the last day at Old Trafford with only 86 points, lost FA Cup Final 3-0 to Chelsea after Skrtel got himself sent off ten minutes in, won Europa League and got knocked out early in Carling Cup. Sold Agger and Enrique for £30m, bought James McCarthy for £6.5, Aaron Cresswell for £5m, James Milner for £9m and got Ospina and Bocchetti on frees. Theofanis Gekas and Mane also came in as free backup backup. Reina, Ospina Johnson, Kelly (Wing back attack) Skrtel, Wilson (Centre Back defend) Coates, Bocchetti (Ball Playing CB defend) Robinson, Cresswell (Full back support) Henderson, McCarthy (Wide midfielder support) Milner, Allen (advanced playmaker support) Lucas, Fernando (box-to-box midfielder support) Sterling, Assaidi (Winger attack) Gerrard, Shelvey (Trequarista attack) Suarez, Borini, Destro, Gekas (either advanced forward or poacher) Rotating the attack more as Gerrard gets old, Borini approached 40 goals last year, Suarez nearly 30, so if Destro can approach those levels I'll be ecstatic. Anyone had any success with Reina not being ****?
  16. Can I move the Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2013 folder which holds graphics and skins out of C: My Documents and into a different partition? What do I need to do to ensure the game still goes there to use the graphics or anything? Thanks
  17. Liverpool 2014/15 2011/12 - won league, won FA Cup 2012/13 - won league, won FA Cup, won Europa League 2013/14 - 2nd place, won FA Cup, won Carling Cup, Champions League runners up on penalties No major signings, just brought Robinson/Kelly/Flanagan/Coady/Suso/Shelvey/Sterling through from academy. Henriksen of Rosenborg has been at the club since 2012, Adam Johnson since 2013 and Iker Muniain arrived for free in summer. Community Shield The Shield was no problem, as my youngsters rolled over City, a good omen Carling Cup Run A fairly tough run to the Carling final presented no difficulties, but a weak Aston Villa side struck lucky on penalties to rob us of a trophy Carling Cup Final The league season was a rough one, we were involved in a tough title race all season, at first a six-way battle with Blackburn in it, until they dropped off after Christmas. By April it was just us and the Arse neck and neck 2014 Half-Season2015 Half-Season In the end, we triumphed by a point after having exchanged positions for 8 games or so, our struggles away from home being counteracted by our Anfield prowess The Premier League Table The FA Cup is our bitch after three successive victories and we made it four with ease against Nottingham Forest FA Final Finally, we were runners up in last seasons European Cup so it was time for revenge in the groups when we drew Barcelona, who had beat us, we progressed to the final on the back of great home form particularly nice was our defeat of Man Utd at home thanks to a Suarez hat-trick, for the final, it was a tetchy affair, once Real scored they sat back but didn't expect a great push at the end as we stormed to a sixth title ten years after Istanbul The FM Gods have been kind and given me these from my youth intakes, a big man little man partnership I may have to convert my team to 4-4-2 for, both are ST and both have held the youngest goalscorer record before Kelechi stole it by three days off Gary Kelechi Nwaogu and Gary Morrison Going into new season had to sell Reina (£23m --> Spurs) and Suarez (£17m --> PSG) due to wage demands, but with Muniain and the regens for ST and a good GK regen I should be fine. Also sold Skrtel and the Johnsons. Love to rip up a European Cup winning side. My squad is left as- GK: Necmi Bozkurt ® / Jack Butland / Owain fon Williams RB: Kelly / Flanagan RCB: Coates / Wisdom / Herbst ® LCB: Agger / Fernandez ® LB: Robinson / Shaw / Ebbrell ® CDM: Lucas / Coady LCM: Henriksen / Henderson RCM: Gerrard / Suso / Shelvey AMR: Sterling / Rook ® AML: Nyarko / Maier ST: Muniain / Nwaogu ® / Morrison ® Might sign Carson on a free as GK back up
  18. Ah what the hell! Thanks for your help, will try and find a way round it, setting a larger squad but with a minimum number of U21 players would work? There is no way to access the advanced panel? :/ edit: made a maximum of over 21s as 23 and removed any maximum squad size
  19. Redone Scottish leagues and in the Scottish Premier League have set 23 man squads, but there is no option for under21s not needing registering... is this just taken as read or have I missed an option somewhere? Looked everywhere I can find in squad screen, any help? Apologies if wrong place, couldn't find a Q&A or FAQ thread I think Thank you
  20. Ah, cheers, there is no way I can remove the asterisk but keep the note then?
  21. First season, managing Liverpool and for some unknown reason annoying asterisks have started appearing by things- whenever Gerrard, Liverpool or my manager are mentioned there is a little orange asterisk by the name. No big deal just really annoying and can't seem to find a way to remove it, any help? In here because it doesn't seem to be a bug (unless it is) sorry if wrong forum
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