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  1. My youth intake includes a 5 star potential 15 year old (just won Champions League so he should be really good) CB with great key attributes... except he's 5 foot 9 and has 6 for jumping reach. If I have him training jumping on high intensity is he every likely to reach something reasonable for a CB or should I just retrain him to a RB already...? I want him to be my future club captain so I am going to find a way to get him in the first XI!
  2. This question seems a lot more stupid than the others... On previous FMs there was a box thing at the bottom of the tactic overview where you could select playmaker, target man and whether to counter or not... has this gone or been moved anywhere? I would like to select what sort of target man I'm playing- although the game seems to automatically- but also turn counter on when not using a counter formation. Cheers guys.
  3. Ronnie Pander. FM08. Dutch central midfielder extraordinaire. He shoots, he scores, he tackles, he gets sent off. Francesco Flachi. FM08. Sign him for Crewe as a bargain not realising he can't play for a whole year. Have him hang around the club then propel us into the Premiership. Daryl Murphy and Andrew Keogh. FM08. Lauri Dalla Valle pre-Liverpool. FM10 Andres Guardado for the novelty of being able to buy him for £4.5m rather than the £30m of the previous few years. Fabio Paim CM4.
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