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  1. 5 and a half months have passed, 1 major update and 4 minor ones and still the problem remains.
  2. I finished as champion, undefeated, with record number of wins and points. Had scored 5 times less than second Liverpool, but conceded 5 less. Yet, finished 8 points ahead of them. The league ends and in my surprise, Liverpool has 6 players in the team of the year, and my record champion Chelsea has only two. My GK has 26 clean sheets, when Liverpool's, who is in the team of the year, has 22. That is utterly frustrating...
  3. I have created a custom view in the "all players" page with the info I want to see. However, when I click on a player to go to their profile and I go back to the previous page, the view changed by itself to a default and not my custom one.
  4. No problem. Let's hope this issue is fixed soon enough for the next update (and maybe some improvement on DoF like working harder to find teams for players to loan or not loaning 3 or 4 players with the same position in the same affiliated team).
  5. -I renewed my DoF contract which was expiring in the end of the season on 18th of May and went on holidays till 30th of June. Then I continued until the 2nd of July and no player was transfer listed. -I went on holiday on 18th of May until 24th of June. Then signed a new DoF (Paratici, the same as in my normal save with the only difference that now he was a free agent instead of Juventus-bound in the other save) and continued until July 1st at 8 am. Then I received offers for TL players which means that he transfer listed them!
  6. I found that there is a "last save overwrite backup" save that had passed my attention and that save is on 18/5/2022 (1,5 month before the date the (new) DoF did that transfer-listing. I am uploading now the 3 saves under the name spiros91 (DoF [game date]) so you can check them. Meanwhile, I will try go on holiday on my 18th of May save with the old DoF and the new DoF to see if anything happens again and will inform you.
  7. I have not. If that matters, I changed my DoF at the end of June and the new one transfer listed on 1st of July all my o21 players in my u23 squad (Chelsea) that had come back from loan. The previous date I have is 30th of June on the previous year, I loaded the game and it didn't happen. I loaded again, changed my DoF immediately on June 30 and nothing happened again. I have experienced it before in my save and in previous FM editions. Could it be that a new DoF does that in the first transfer window he finds? I can upload a save from a year back or/and my current save which is some days later in July of the year the new DoF had come and run it on holidays.
  8. I tried approaching John Terry (who is a club legend at Chelsea) after he left Aston Villa and he refused to open negotiations. Months passed and he is still in the same "mood" and his excuse is kinda stupid. Would you mind looking it?
  9. My Director of Football keeps putting player in u23 team that are over 21y old on transfer without me knowing it or wanting to.
  10. -I cannot offer a contract to fresh youth intakes from other clubs via "approach to sign". I declared interest on them and some of them told that it would be a dream to play for my team. I made a bid for them that got accepted but noone wants to negotiate with me. I have uploaded a few screenshots. I have posted it again, a month ago but noone replied to my issue.
  11. I have created a custom Selection Info view in Tactics because I want to see the appearances of the players, not only their goals. I had dropped the game for a few weeks, then the previous patch came and since then, the latest column expands its width everytime. I shorten it, play the match and the next time I have to pick a squad, it has expanded again. I deleted the view and created it again, but this occurs again. Also, when viewing the "contract view" in "Squad" the wage column does not fit the whole sum of the wage. I have a Full HD monitor and playing in Full Screen Mode.
  12. The day the English regens showed in my club, I tried to buy other regens that just showed in the game from other English clubs. I declared interest on them, many of them even said that it was a dream to play for my club (Chelsea), made an offer to their club that got accepted but when the time comes to offer the contract this shows
  13. Happened to me yesterday. Player one (can't remember who) shoots outside of the area. Player the ball bounces to the post, comes back to player two. He then passes to Morata who was offside, he scores and the goal is given. The replay shows the offside line WHEN player one shoots but not when player two passes to Morata.
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