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  1. It's been a while that a Cypriot player was in Greece, but since both Greece and Cyprus share the same language and national anthem, Cypriots should be regarded as "Greeks" in the registration forms.
  2. John Terry was an unattached staff for a couple of seasons. I had a similar bug with him in FM 2019, so I moved him to Thyella Rafinas, who was on the Greek Cup final and a couple of weeks later got promoted to the 1st tier in Greece. Then, he won the Europa League, and the next year, he went to the final in the Champions League. But Chelsea were looking for a manager for their u23 team and approached Terry, and he accepted. I know Terry has a preference to manage Chelsea, but no one would never leave a main manager job just to manage a youth team. I have uploaded a save game under the name "spiros91 - JT". The game is saved on 16th of June and this offer comes on the 25th.
  3. I am managing Palermo and while searching for players after finishing the season, I noticed that Real have transfer listed Hazard and they ask no money for him. In "scouting" tab, he is listed as "interest in transfer". I praise him and he says that it's joining Palermo is a possibility for him while looking to impress me in his next match. His agent has great respect for me. So, I bid for him and Real accept it. But then, it says that Hazard is not interested in a move to Palermo. How is that possible?? I have uploaded a save game under the name "spiros91 - Hazard".
  4. I am managing Palermo and I have an unlikely bid for the title. I am 1st and am playing 6th Milan. Early in the game, my defender passes to my GK, he makes a touch and then just stares the ball just waiting for the opponent striker to score. I have uploaded two save games. One was 10 days before the match and the other 4 after. They are named "spiros91 - GK error before" and "after".
  5. So, I finished the 2022/2023 season and saw Chelsea's transfers (my fav club, that's why I am following them, even though I do not manage them). They finished last season with Ampadu, Christensen (I'll call him AC), Burda and Tomori as natural CBs. They had Kante as a said that could play there, as well as Bentacur. Azpilicueta was their primary LB. Cucurella was his backup but no one was on the right to back up James. When James was unavailable, I noticed that Azpi was playing there which is normal. Burda could also play as a LB. Now, let's go to the next season. They have a CB called Nelsson that they keep loaning. They also sold Tomori on 12/7, 3 days after they loaned Nelsson. So, on 23/7 the bought Nahuel Perez from Atletico for 62m. On 25/7 they sold Burda (who has played only a few games in the 4-5 months he was on the club, with a 2m loss). On 1/8 they also sold Bentacur who could play as a CB. On 2/8 they bought Jamal Lewis, a LB for 47m and on 10/8 they bought Ferro for 56m. That makes two natural CBs out and two natural CBs in, which makes sense. But on the first game of the season, on 11/8, they played Kante as a CB again, with Christensen on the bench, Ferro out of the traveling squad and Perez on the reserves, even before Ferro arrived. I had a save on 9/8 and I loaded it and they used Kante in that position again, so I am uploading now a save game under the name "spiros91 - Kante v2" as you asked. But please look and all those transfers nonsense. The team clearly need a 2nd RB but the opted to buy a 3rd LB. And even if I understand that Azpi can play as a 2nd RB, he is the primary LB on the squad. Also, he got stripped of the captaincy, even there is no intention of him leaving. I also went on holiday for a month or so and Kante played 9 games for Chelsea, 7 as a CB and 2 as CM. If you need any saves regarding those transfers, inform me. Thank you.
  6. Unfortunately I don't. The last backup I had was in October 1st and since then he hadn't featured in any game as a CB.
  7. I know Kante is world class and every manager would like to have him. But choosing him as a CB is criminal. I saw that Lampard used him as a CB in the 2022/2023 season. I don't know why, cause Chelsea had 3 CB (Ampadu, Christensen, Tomori) plus Azpilicueta can play there. Rudiger was part of the team for the 1st half of the season but was sold to Real and Chelsea bought Burda from Real as his replacement. So I don't get why they would play Kante when they have Burda or Christensen on the bench. I tried to remove his ability to play as CB via in game editor (changed the number from 16 to 1) but like Loftus-Cheek, he just relearns the position the next minute. I have uploaded a save game under the name spiros91 - Kante where you can in the past fixtures that he's been used a CB.
  8. I have delegated the responsibility to approach for transfer players for my u20 team to my HoYD as well as giving them contracts. However, when the time for a new contract came up, I couldn't continue the game cause I had to respond to the contract approach, even though my HoYD had already offered one. I managed to skip past this after going to my home profile and a couple of other screens and I decided to change the responsibility to offer contracts to me and he was responsible for only making transfer offers. Later in the window, he made a new offer and when I was supposed to offer the contract, there is the "must respond" prompt, however there isn't any contract to offer. If I click on the player, it says "Withdraw contract offer" and it's the only way to skip past this. I withdrew my offer, but I have t change a couple of screens to be able to continue the game though. I have uploaded a game under the name "spiros91 - u20 contract offer". The save is just before my kickoff and the problem occurs just when I finish the game.
  9. Game date: 10th of July, and Chelsea, with no change in management, have loan listed Felix. In the meantime, they brought Draxler for free since his contract was expiring, but loaning your new big money signing is unheard. Uploaded a new game, date is 9/7/2019, name: "spiros91 - joao Felix"
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