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  1. If you want a save for that, try "spiros91 - Loan complaint 2" which I uploaded for another problem but you can see that if you remove his ability to play as a Striker, after hitting continue, he gets it back, even though he is used as a CAM in his team.
  2. If you need a specific save game, I have uploaded one under the name "spiros91 - Eduardo" for another issue, but you can still see the problem in there too.
  3. If you need a savegame to see that, I have uploaded a save for another issue names "spiros91 - Loan complaint" but you can see that problem there as well. Players like Lucas Piazon and Jake Clarke-Salter seem like they where in Chelsea squad in the beginning of a season even though they went on loan without ever going in the 1st team that season.
  4. I have uploaded some saves for other bug reports, and you can see this specific problem in every save I've uploaded. My latest one is uploaded under the name "spiros91 - Loan complaint"
  5. I am managing Palermo, now promoted to Serie C. I renewed a couple of players contracts and told them that I'd loan them out. I offered them to loan, no one got interested. I put them on Dev List so that my staff finds them any loan club to go, no interest. So, when the transfer window ended, they voiced their concerns that I broke my promise. I talked to the 1st one and told him that there was no interest but he said he knew there was (no interested club in him transfer info). I uploaded two editions of my save under the name "spiros91 - Loan complaint" which is on deadline day and "spiros91 - Loan complaint2" which is a day after.
  6. I uploaded a save, two days prior the move with the name "spiros91 - Nonsense transfers" Regarding Mount situation, I am not managing Chelsea, but I follow them in game (cause they are my fav club). I endured some problems in my test saves regarding Chelsea youth players, that left Chelsea and joined City, United or even Arsenal. So, via pre game editor, I made Chelsea a favorite club to some of them (those who have already expressed that Chelsea is indeed their favorite club) but in my current save, Mount is wanted by United and according to in game reports (which usually came true in previous FM editions) he considers it, which is unrealistic, given his love for his current club and the love for the coach who he idolizes.
  7. I uploaded a save game with the name "spiros91 - Eduardo" 4 days prior the start of the Jan transfer window. If you try to approach Eduardo (he is the former Arsenal striker) other teams will try too. If you don't bother at all, they won't too.
  8. Ruben Loftus-Cheek is a natural CM-AM but he is seen as a St too (15/20). I've seen him play too much in Striker's position instead of natural strikers like Abraham, Batshuayi, Giroud so I deleted his ability to play as Striker via in-game editor, changing it from 15 to 1. After a few days, it came back to 15. I changed it again from 15 to 3 to see if that makes any difference, but again, it turned to 15.
  9. I am managing Palermo in Serie D where there is no shirt number allocation, but every player gets his number in the beginning of every game. I am using a 4-3-2-1 Wide system and the shirt numbers are wrong. I get that most countries have their own meaning of "proper number per position" but my AM player gets n6 shirt instead of n10. My two CMs get 7-8 and my LW gets 10. At least the AM, playing in the position commonly known as n10 position, should have n10 shirt.
  10. In my first season in the game, AEK Athens has qualified in the Championship Play offs. However, they play every 2 days due to European progression I believe. I have uploaded my savegame under the name: spiros91 - Greek Super League 1 congested fixtures
  11. I am in my 1st season. Since the Jan transfer window, Vinicius jr. was loan listed with Gladbach wanting him. They never made a move. In 27/2, Chinese deadline day, Evergrande made a loan move for him and he chose to go. He is a wonderkid and that makes no sense, to leave at the age of 19 to go to China. Also, in the same save, Mason Mount, who has Chelsea as his favorite club, considers a move from Man United, which makes no sense.
  12. I did. And a friend of mine who occasionally players FM, does too. You may have a player in your shortlist and no one has any interest about him. The moment you try to sign him, lots of club try to. It's not happening in every player, but in many.
  13. Please enable shirt number retirement on pre game editor. Also, you could remake it available again in game, when a player has worn the same number for years and leaves the club.
  14. With many players that have gone on loan, it shows in their playing history in career stats their parent team, even if the didn't feature in any of their games this year.
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