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  1. Probably registry leftovers problems. Get this free program called Revo Uninstaller. Then uninstall the game through it and remove the leftovers. Should work fine
  2. Sounds promising. DLR alone is enough if done properly to convince me! I wonder if there will be any real-world managers who often happen to be relatives of the players. Or if they will actually be the players' parents if they are U18
  3. But always wanted to. Basically I had this idea since a long time but never got round to attempting it. Simple enough - your club's starting eleven should = a nation's starting 11. I know it's pretty hard because of the AI doing weird formations and so on. Without cheating though, have you ever managed to do this? Let's say your club = England's international squad. I can imagine a bigger challenge would be to actually own all the internationals of a given nation. And I exclude nations that have 3-4 players and everything else is grayed out. Would be fun, something like Dinamo Kiev of the past, when their squad was basically the Ukraine national team
  4. Mine's a typo not a defunct brain error. Anyway good to see you again Isaac
  5. How do you get takeon over by a women? Spelling troll is spelling.
  6. Women belong in the kitchen, not in my FM.
  7. Yup. No doubt 35 is the age of deep old age. Just look at Beckham, he is all so wrinkled and horribly looking. What about women? Even worse. But I understand you, since you are probably 12 everyone above 20 is an old man for you
  8. He is now in Cherno More in Bulgaria with lots of weight and 37 year old We shall see how this will work out.
  9. World Cup Final 2010 - Netherlands vs Spain

    Hm who's that black guy coming on? HASSELBAINK's back!
  10. World Cup Final 2010 - Netherlands vs Spain

    My farts are so smelly right now. I'm actually a loaded tank of gases. Pumping up for Spain! Come on!
  11. Cm96/97 best game ever
  12. They should just make the World Cups in FM feel special and re-create the huge buzz that goes along with it. Same for Euro Cup and other major international tournaments. It will help to keep you hooked. Every World Cup you would be drowned in stats, legends saying this and that, team worries, strategies, bickering and whatnot. One can only hope
  13. Half time in World Cup so I can post the thing that came to mind. Am I just very blind or can you really see what player duties the AI gives to every different player when using some tactic. I think we should be given that info - does the AI assign roles at all or does it just use the default selection of tactics? The reason I'm asking is sometimes when I call up players while international managing I will surely have an easier time if I put the player in a position he has been playing the whole season + the role he was given by the AI.
  14. Players becoming Icon/Legends.

    If a player gets on the fav.personnel list can he move on to legend status?