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  1. Some things that have worked for me to hold possession better and reduce longer shots are to use a control mentality, with TI for shorter passing, work ball into box, and then play a normal line and adjust based on the opponent. Press higher as needed or drop deeper to help create more space to work. I also adjust my width based on opponents formation and my players strengths. Mostly I play narrow, but sometimes I need more width in the attack. I would also suggest one cb on cover and the other on defend to slow the number of balls over the top. I prefer an Anchorman to a halfback, but I honestly haven't used a halfback enough to compare the two roles.
  2. I had the same problem. You need to install version 1.0 first and then install the 1.4 patch.
  3. I presumed that might be the case. But I am new enough that I figured I better ask the dumb question rather than not.
  4. I am playing as FC United in a Skrill North league, and am trying to set up my team training schedule. I would like to add a rest day prior to each match. However, I don't see that option. The scheduling slider is there but is not selectable and neither rest option is even present. Is it because I am a semi professinal team? Or is it my training facilities (Poor)? Or am I not doing it right somehow?
  5. Looks like they marked one of the Ryman D1S leagues as extinct. Not sure if there were other changes. It appears to have solved the Ryman problem though. I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this.
  6. It can be replicated by just saving and reloading the game. Until I save and reload I do not see the problem.
  7. Unfortunately, this does not fix the problem. I am sure it will require XML editing, I just don't know how much.
  8. I changed it to level 8 as well. Did not fix the problem. I am truly stumped on this one.
  9. They actually have a league, however, the league name is blank. I have tested this several times now. I can reproduce it every time, even with a fresh start that I save right after I take the job. If I exit game and reload, the league name is immediately blank.
  10. No worries. Just trying to help. I thought I could fix it myself, but not sure I will do it completely correct.
  11. Having a problem where the name of the Ryman Division One South becomes blank. It has happened on multiple saves now. I believe it may be tied to a problem in the file. In the editor I find three entries for Ryman D1S. One league has no teams and can be deleted. One league has 20 teams but they are from other leagues. If you delete this league it causes an error with the Nation Rules. Most of the teams are from some amalgamation of the North Leicestershire Football Leagues. But not sure how to handle the edit of this league so that it all works. Any suggestions? I also noticed an extra Cherry Red Records Combined Counties League Division One league with only two teams in it as well as a "cuptestcomp" league with no teams.
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