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  1. So I've started my first save. Currently into December in the first season, 9th after 18 games with 27 points. Started off quite slowly, an opening day win over Watford was followed up by a run of 1 win in the next 7 in the league. I've found my formation and I've started to climb the table, beating the likes of Arsenal and Man City (In the Capital One Cup). Mitrovic is in great form at the minute with 8 goals in 13(5) apps but a lot of those goals have been since I've settled on my formation. Transfer wise, I thought I'd be able to hold on to the likes of Krul, Janmaat, Sissoko etc. and I did for the most part, except Chelsea came in with a bid of £18m for Krul, to be their reserve keeper. Also out of the door were; Gouffran (2m), Williamson (800k), De Jong (7.5m), Anita (7.5m) and Colback (5.5m). With that money I brought in Ashley Cole (300k - Bad decision but I didn't want to rely on Haidara AND Dummett), Timo Horn (6.5m), Thomas Delaney (1.6m), Daniel Amartey (3.5m), Marcelo Meli (5m) and Dede (3.7m). So my team looks like this (4411 and 4141) GK - Horn (SK-D) DR - Janmaat (FB-Au) DL - Haidara/Cole (FB-A) DCs - Coloccini/Mbemba/Dede (CD-D) MR - Thauvin (W-S) D/MC - Tiote (HB-D/CM-D) MC - Meli (CM-S) A/MC - Ayoze (SS-A)/ Sissoko (RP-S) ML - Wijnaldum (WM-S) ST - Mitrovic (DLF-A) Finding a lot of joy down the flanks with this formation, tried out a 433 but my fullbacks were left too exposed when we were out of possession, pulling the wingers back has helped a lot defensively but in doing so it's also allowed my full backs to bomb forward and chip in with a few assists. I've been having to play Ayoze out of position a lot so far this season due to Thauvin's tendency to get a few injuries but even from the right wing he's bagged himself a few goals and assists. Although when Thauvin's fit that MR position is his as he's scored 5 in about 7 games where he's actually managed to take to the field. I feel like I need to start fading Coloccini out, he seems to be responsible for a high number of breaches in our defence. That being said, we're currently on a run of 3 games without conceding so I may have to wait to drop him.
  2. If he's the only person on that flank, he's the only person who can cause a threat down that side of the field, so if you can get your DM covering nicely, then give him the license to attack. If you want him to defend and stay back then look at using an MC to drift out wide.
  3. Would a DLP(D) in the MC position work with a DLP(D) already in the DM position? Looking for a one of my MCs to drop back defensively but still have a creative influence from deep. MC(D) is another choice but the creative side isn't prominent in that role. So my team would effectively look like this WB(s) BPD(d) BPD(d) WB(s) ------------DLP(d)----------- ------DLP(d)--AP(a)--------- W(A)-------------------IF(A) -----------DLF (s)--------- Also, would a DLF(s) be effective at closing down the oppositions defence when out of possession? Or would it be less effective than say an advanced forward due to the positioning of the role?
  4. That's 92 goals in 45 games... that's 2.04 goals per game, which is a decent return. Are you playing a high tempo style of play? This can reduce the efficiency of your attacks as your players rush to shoot. Too many long range shots are due to an urgency to attack with players who have low decision making stats.
  5. but is there any way to stop this or cover for it tactically? Everything I try doesn't seem to affect it. Stopper - Cover, 5 man defensive arc. Nothing seems to help it
  6. Is there any reason, tactically, as to why centre backs decide to just stop chasing through balls or opposition strikers?
  7. It allows your most advanced players to attack at speed if there's an opportunity to
  8. My defence was getting caught out too often from high balls over the top and through balls through the middle. Changed a few things around, staying with the more aggressive defensive style has helped. Got my full backs putting challenges in now which has stopped the opposition wingers cutting inside and laying it off for a long range attempt. Got my Anchor Man to close down less so he stays in position and makes it harder/less likely for the ball to be played into those areas. Changed my CM-S to a Box to Box midfielder and it's helped to tighten up the defence a little bit. Yeah my idea was to soak up pressure and to cut out the balls through the defence and the missed headers from balls over the top. It seems like that lead to my Full Backs allowing the wingers to do what they wanted and the gap between my DM and the rest of my midfield being way too big. After making changes I've actually managed to start keeping clean sheets, and when I am conceding it's the odd goal from a cross or counter attack.
  9. Is there anything I can do tactically to stop conceding so many long range efforts/ unlikely goals? I've only won 1 game so far this season (in 9) drawn 5 (4 from winning positions) and lost 3 (2 from winning positions) and more often than not the equalizing goal is a long range effort. I play either --------------GK-D------------- FB-S -- DC-D -- DC-D -- FB-S -------------- A-D ------------- ------- CM-A --- CM-S-------- W-S-----------------------IF-S --------------DLF-S----------- OR FB-S -- DC-D -- DC-D -- FB-S -------------------------------- ------- DLP-D --- DLP-S-------- W-S-----------E-A---------IF-S --------------DLF-S----------- I tend to use a direct, high tempo style of play. Deep defensive line if using defensive mentality, high defensive line and high closing down if more offensive. I concede far too many long range efforts from both defensive strategies, so could just be my goalkeepers' poor positioning stats, even so is there anyway to reduce the amount? I'm thinking of changing one of my CM's (or even both) to close down a lot more, to give my defence a bit more protection and to try and keep my anchor man in position, but I'm worried that if the CM is caught out of position my anchor man will look to cover for him and leave my defence exposed. (Just as I'm writing this I've just conceded a goal from a stupid angle )
  10. Thanks man Gonna try it out and get back to you. Did see a little improvement with better centre backs but still not that great.
  11. CB's mark tall FB's mark posts AMC Stay forward AMLc close down corner AMRc Edge of area MRC/MLC/DM man mark
  12. Is there any way to stop conceding a ridiculous amount of goals from corners/set pieces in the lower leagues? I've conceded 7 goals in 3 league games from corners
  13. What kind of formation would you be looking to play? Would your support players be wingers and an AMC or would they be CMs? A TM-A can definitely become a team's main goal threat if used effectively but it depends on how you set your team up. Are you wanting your wingers to get balls into the box and for him to be the main focal point of the attack or are you wanting your defenders to just whack the ball up to him and hope someone gets on the end of a flick on?
  14. NEWCASTLE 4 West Brom 1 Gutierrez, Fleck, Coloccini, Djalo; Slory 1st against 2nd Put us 4 points clear at the top ahead of sheff utd who took 2nd after that result
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