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  1. I would just like to see (unless I'm missing something) an icon that shows when you have a note about a player/staff member (the same way that the star lights up when you subscribe to them). That would be pretty useful!
  2. Top pundit (!) Alan Shearer kept winning Serie A with Inter in my long term Woking save...
  3. I've never had any success reducing player's wages in this situation - I've found that if they're good, you just have to bite the bullet and pay them (and then try to keep wage rises to a minimum when offering new contracts) and if they're not so good, get rid of them!
  4. Gah! The Scottish U21s position finally comes up, I apply, and who gets it? Billy Davis! His reputation isn't even as high as mine, damn managers with past footballing experience, grumble grumble... Will perhaps start to look further afield - maybe an African minnow side? I'll be back!
  5. Agreed - 100% success rate with telling young players that you want the club to grow and old players that you'll decide whether they leave or not I agree, but probably from the opposite side - I think it's way too easy to persuade players to back down. 8 seasons and not one transfer request because they want to move to a bigger club!
  6. I can't look now, because I'm at work, but is it possible to ask the board for more physios? And if so, has anyone tried looking to see how the request questions in the interaction screen are phrased? That might give some clue to why it's useful to have more than one at a club...
  7. Usually a week - I'll finish one season and start the next over the weekend, and then usually get to around January by the end of the week... Not this weekend though, I have real life demands on my time Woking will just have to wait a little longer for championship glory!
  8. a wee thought

    It varies - I've definitely had questions about players I've been interested it, as well as ones I've never looked at once...
  9. This is a total bodge, but I find I get the "no internet connection found" error once in a while, and the solution for me is to change the way I connect on my laptop - I usually use wifi, but if I get this error then connecting with a cable, or (if I'm feeling lazy) tethering my phone and using its connection usually does the trick. I know it won't work for everyone, but I hope it helps someone!
  10. Hi guys, I just wanted to say I'm really enjoying this thread - thanks for the inspiration! I'm playing a career game this year, and at the moment my rep's looking good and I'm trying to get at least a Scottish unders position; I'll be back when I do!
  11. You know, I was going to put this in too - every single time!
  12. Wow, just wow. It scares me that I'm tempted to try this...
  13. What you have to do is go into your shortlist screen and make sure "default" is the list currently selected - whatever list you can see first when you go in there is the one that the game automatically adds players to when you ask your scouts to report on them. Hope that helps!
  14. Hi all, just a quick question that I've been musing over - what do you think about picking a player who doesn't speak your team's language as captain? I'm managing Woking in the BSP in 2013, and I have a great french DC who's been with the club for about 8 months. The new season's come, and the old captain's now down in the reserves, so I'm thinking about giving him the armband. Only problem is, he only speaks french! Has anyone had any experience of this - will it break my (generally overperforming) team?
  15. Having the same issue, only in preseason so far, with the same save I was using in 11.1.1 - currently I'm 60 minutes into a match and it's happened 5 times so far! I'll stick it into the bugs forum if it carries on into the season...