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  1. I've just started a save with Dortmund now the bug with German players not joining has been fixed and I'm looking for a CB. I'm hoping to get in an experienced player who is good enough to be in the first team for a couple of seasons. Ideally he would have high leadership as Dortmund are in need of better captain. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Transfer budget: £21m Wage Budget: £100k
  2. Selling: Player Name: Jordan Henderson Your Team: Liverpool Buyer: Arsenal Player's Value: 27.5m Offer: 48.5m Transfer/Wage Budget: 90m Patch: 16.0.3 Season: 2nd Had a poor 1st season. Only managed 8th so im not in europe. Im not sure if be able to replace him with anyone as good due to the lack of continental football
  3. All of my coaches are 4* or higher, most are 4.5*. I've been playing him as an IF/s. He did pick up later on in the season. He bagged about 10 goals in all competitions and a handfull of assists. I'd have liked to play him up front as the 'Plays with back to goal' PPM doesn't really suit a wide man but Sturridge was on fire all season. I might see if i can train it out of him
  4. Jordan Ibe has been on fire for me playing as an Inside Forward with a Support duty. He's got 10 goals and 4 assists in 10 games so far. Just picked up a sprained ankle in my last game though I'm hoping his form wont suffer too much when he gets back
  5. I bought him at the start of my Liverpool save but he's been a bit disappointing so far. I've tried him up front and on the wing but he's yet to score or get an assist after 12 or so starts. Where are you guys playing him and what roles/duties are you using?
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