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  1. I used the tactic !!!!!!!!!19.3.5WULF442PFPWMKnapP110ECCC for 3 months and I only have one thing to say: congratulations! I saw mediocre teams winning everything in different countries and divisions during this period. i will test !!!!!!!!!!!19.3.5PILGRIMAGEKnapCD4141P106ALLCUPSNOLOSS by now...
  2. no dominance of the english teams in CL nor brazilian teams in libertadores
  3. yes, this explains, but does not justify as it is unreal...
  4. It's not the case. I am with german, italy, spain and france leagues in this save.
  5. all long term game in England, i have this: england domination in UCL. I don't think we will have this IRL. am i wrong?
  6. The teams in the country that the real life manager plays are overrated. If u play in england, england teams wiil win all in UCL If u play in france, france teams wiil win all in UCL if u play in Brazil, brazilian teams will win all in Libertadores ... I think it has to do with the level of detail of the league the player plays.
  7. now, i am in premier league and still without sub23 team. is this a bug?
  8. I started the game with fc united in north conference. just the senior and sub18 team now i am in league one. But, until now, i just have yet the senior and sub18... FC United dont play in sub23 championships.. What happens?
  9. I am playing with Curzon Ashton in first season in FMT. I have a scout team with a size of 2 and in first day I did 2 assignments: First Team Player - Loan - in scouting range First Team Player - Transfer - Automatic - in scouting range Then, i am in 12 aug 17 and my scout return 20 reports, but ALL scouted players have not interest in transfer or loan to my team. is this a bug?
  10. any player generated has a generated face. real players have photo or a "black face".
  11. fm2015, first save in brazil, Cruzeiro, current 2014 champion, relegated in 2015 season...
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