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  1. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Ahhh I can't do this, I swear that FM hates me and doesn't want me to succeed!! I've just lost my first 3 games, and am sitting rock bottom:( I can't seem to settle on a formation, nothing seems to work! if i play attacking football with an attacking formation, i don't score and let in goals. if i play defensively, i dont score and let in goals still!!!!!!!! I need a break, give me strength am going to watch england! I'll be back later and the BSS is not going to know whats hit it!
  2. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    In which case, there is hope for me yet!!
  3. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    And is there any point...I've just been given a transfer budget of £40? can only just buy football manager with that, let alone a player!! I'd rather have £0!!
  4. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Wealdstone - Season 1: Blue Square South - 2010/2011 My first season of manager as the mighty Wealdstone. I didn't know what to expect, as I have never managed a team at this level before, so little did Wealdstone know what they getting! The board wanted me to avoid relegation at the start of the season, and I reassured them that I would be able to, although the media seemed not so sure, and predicted me to finish 19th!! After arranging a few friendlies against bigger teams all of which i lost, to generate a little bit of extra income, the real season began... League Table After a solid start to the season, which saw us unbeaten in the first 5, my hopes for possible promotion started to rise, but then a comprehensive 3-0 defeat against Staines brought them back down. Another 5 match unbeaten run though saw us maintain our position near the top of the table, and everybody was happy! But a 1-0 defeat away at Tiverton saw that run end, and the start of my inconsistant, annoying season start! To put the rest of the season into perspective, in the 1st 12 games we lost 2, won 5 and drew 5, which was respectable in my books. In the remaining 30 games we won 5, drew 8 and lost 17:( This was down to a number of reasons, such lack of goals being scored, and lack of opportunities taken. Whilst I can't blame my team, towards the end of the season I was getting sick of reading 'So close', 'He grazes the top of the bar' 'How did he miss that' or my favourite 'and that rattles of the woodwork' This, as well as mid table obscurity led to me holidaying most of the end of the season, which had quite alot of mixed results, but probably didnt help my final league position of 17th. Cups Fa Cup - Lost in the 2nd Qual. Rnd to St. Albans Fa Trophy - Reachesd the 3rd Round but lost to Basingstoke. Beat Stevenage of BSP in the 2nd, is a possible highlight of my season. Finances After being given a transfer Budget of 7k, and a wage budget that was way more than i needed, I thought that this club may well have run within its means. But I soon realised that wasn't to be the case, as soon i was recording monthly losses, and a negative bank balance, even when i was with my wage budget for the season:( Will have to wait and see what next season holds... Transfers Some highlights of my transfers were... Andrea Zola - Signed on loan for the season, came into the team to strengthen my weak lb area, and was one of my players of the season. Robert McCormick - Looked a good striker on screen, but never really got going for me, didn't help that a string of injuries mid season porevented him getting a decent run of games. Hopefully next season is his season. Ben Greenhalgh - signed him on a free, but got stung by the 40k compensation. Another player who I had high expectations for, he showed glimpses but never really took off. Also he can add the title of worst signing of the season from the season summary:( Hopefully another for next season, to prove them all wrong! Robbie Booth - Signed to balance out my attack minded midfield, he had a good season, chipping in with 8 goals and 6 assists. The Dafuge Challenge Player of the Year Award Jamie Brown - My signing of the season, he undoubtably was my best player, scoring some key goals, and was one of my top performers. Has attracted interest throughout the season, so hopefully will be able to hold onto him! Fans Player of the Season - Jamie Brown also picked up my fans plaer of the season Manager Profile Club Confidence Next Season Expectations Hopefully we will build upon our survival, but due to our poor showing at the end of the season, I am not setting my hopes too high. A solid mid table finish, without the worry of relegation is my aim. C'MON YOU STONES:D
  5. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Right, Just finished my first season with Wealdstone, ended up holidaying most of the last games, as it was a nothing season that depressed me:( Am now going to attempt my first ever season review, am excited:D
  6. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    If only... Just the thought may have helped, i scored 3 in 1 game, altho i also conceded 3:( but then scored 6 in my game after, altho that was in the FA trophy! Good news is McCormick came back from injury, and has ended his 617 min goal drought...Bad news is he then got injured for 3 weeks along with my goalie who is out for 6:( Why does FM not want me to succeed!!
  7. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Good season midge, Hopefully your team can make the step up! Tho i think you'll already have ebbslfleet shaking! Don't suppose i can borrow a few of those extra goals, its not like your need a +88 GD:D!!
  8. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    TPF...I know your a season ahead of me but this is my Robert McCormick. Surely his stats wouldn't have changed that much over a season?!
  9. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Once again, here we go! The new manager of Wealdstone Please, for the love of football manager may I have posted a screenshot...
  10. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Ah right. When I eventually get my act together and get a game properly started up I'll do it this way! Thanks for the help guys, hopefully its got through my thick skull!!
  11. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    I was using the clickable thumbnail link for IMG bulletin boards and forums...Is this where I'm going wrong?
  12. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Ah right, I'll try that then. Thanks for trying to help me though:) I read the OP and thought i did what it said tho. I'm having a right nightmare tonight though tbh, started a new game, but forgot to paste Dafuges edit into the 10.3 folder:( so now gotta start it all again:( i'm failing big time tonight!!