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  1. Thanks for getting back to me. I stopped holiday at 27th April 2019 and saved it, then holiday to June 25th 2019.
  2. Real life last day match fixtures for Northern Premier, Southern Premier Central & South & Istmain Premier Leagues are on 27th April 2019. And their play-off finals are on 6th May 2019. Has FM19 now fallen inline with real life fixtures in these leagues.
  3. Can someone please tell me which is the best date to holiday to, as June 24th now being the teams have already been decided who are going to be promoted. April 30th or April 1st ?.
  4. Can someone tell me which is the best date on game to holiday to, as June 24th now being the teams have already been decided who are promoted.
  5. @Jimmy Wong, I thought I better inform you that I gave a go at changing skin again from default dark to bustthenet_advanced_dark_fm18 skin this morning and it worked great. But I had few jobs to later on this morning so I close FM18 and turned off my PC for an hour or two. Came back switch on the PC and then loaded up FM18, guess what happen again CRASH DUMPS!. First, it came up with message can't find default database. Then crash dumped. So I tried again loaded FM18 and same again. FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.09.17 12.25.35).dmp & FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.09.17 12.27.06).dmp. I've uploaded crash dumps to you through FileZilla. Please sort this problem out for future otherwise, you are going to have complaints when you release FM19.
  6. @Jimmy Wong, I can't attach or send you crash dump because deleted it when reinstalled FM18 again. But since then I've managed to run FM18 on default FM dark skin and changed the colours of the attributes with no problems. The only thing I've have done differently this time is I'm running FM18 on gra[hics quality recommended for my PC. Also, I've updated my Nvidia graphics drivers back up to the latest driver. So the problem can't have been Nvidia, Norton or Twitch. I haven't tried putting in bustthenet_advanced_dark_fm18 skin yet. Not brave enough yet. Thanks for your help and support with my problems with FM18.
  7. @Jimmy Wong, I've been playing FM18 for about eight hours on default skin etc., then I got cocky and tried to change default skin to default dark skin. And guess what happened, yes it crash dumped on me again. Is anyone looking into this?, as I said in the last post, I believe it must be a bug in preferences when you go to confirm changes?. Because it's not just the skins, it's also changing the colours of attributes as well. Possibly you would more people reporting problems about crash dumps if they changed their preferences. As people wouldn't updating their preferences as FM18 is coming to end soon.
  8. @Jimmy Wong, I believe isn't Norton or Twitch is the problem with the crash dumps. I did uninstall Twitch and there was no change in the problem. I manage to get FM18 working now but haven't changed any in preferences this time and hopefully, it won't crash again. It's a shame really because I like to change the colours of attributes and change to bustthenet_advanced_dark_fm18 skin or even change the skin to default dark. But not going to try it again for a while, because fed up with uninstalling and reinstalling FM18. To get FM18 back up working I uninstalled, moved my folders out of FM18 folder like (filters, game, set pieces, shortlists, tactics & Views), then deleted Football Manager folder in my documents and in windows/steam/steam apps etc., plus delete cache and preferences. Then reinstalled FM18, when it finished installing I verify integrity of game files. Then, of course, run FM18 then moved my folders (filters, game, set pieces, shortlists, tactics & Views) back into FM18 folder. Fingers crossed I don't have any more crash dumps in FM18. So, in my opinion, it must be a bug in preferences changes.
  9. This is getting beyond a joke, I've uninstalled, reinstalled FM18 at least twenty times in the last three days now. I have got a save game that would like to get back to playing with before the release of FM19. I've deleted cache and preferences folders, change Nvidia graphics drivers to March 27th version, removed all add-ons (skins, logos & kits) and verify integrity of game files. Plus uploaded crash dump files, DxDiag.txt and Belarc Advisor Computer Profile to you. I've never known a year like for crash dumps. Can someone answer the question why it's work fine with all add-ons until recently, FM18 Touch works fine with all the add-ons that had on it since release FM18 plus updates that I've added on the add-ons during last eight months and the editor works fine?. Current crash dump: FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.09.07 01.31.25).dmp
  10. Installing Nvidia March version didn't work, still got the problem. Two more crash dumps again: FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.09.06 22.45.55).dmp & FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.09.06 22.46.27).dmp.
  11. DxDiag.txt Belarc Advisor Computer Profile.html
  12. I'm currently trying to install Nivida March 27th drivers to see if that helps. As I see other people have had success with this.
  13. Another one this afternoon : FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.09.06 14.17.27).dmp. (I've loaded up again through Filezilla) Lock screen and then crash dump. This is after trying to change skin from default to default dark and change attributes colours in preferences, nothing else. No add-ons (kits & logos) and no faces added, just the original game settings. I had to use task manager again to close FM18, then tried open FM18 again, Ohh look I've got another crash dump again. Looks like a will have to uninstall FM18 again and reinstall FM18, then try again. I hope FM19 is better than this year for crash dumps, I've been playing Football Manager and Original Championship Manager ever since you start them back in 1992. This is getting beyond a joke now. I will look into belarc, I'm a novice with computers really, I just use it for playing Football Manager. But I will say I've had the game since it's release last November, bar a few hiccups on way through to now, I've had problems with the game. So why suddenly it's my computer causing the problem!. PS If it my computer causing the problem, why is it that the editor and FM18 Touch work fine without any problems. And FM18 Touch has all add-ons like different skin, kits, logos, trophies, faces etc.
  14. It has just crash dump again on default game now, I only tried to change skin from default skin to default dark skin. FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.09.05 15.10.55).dmp. I've uploaded the crash dump through FileZilla. DxDiag.txt
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