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  1. I've cleaned my PC inside, there was a lot of dust. I believe the my PC was problem with over heating and the fan was working to it's full capacity. So I think that's reason why my PC was shutting down unexpectedly. Since I've cleaned up the dust in the inside PC, I've haven't had a problem. FM20 is working perfectly now.
  2. Computer shut down unexpectedly while playing the game and unstalled itself! This is second time this has done!, Can't upload the case crush dump as I delete it.
  3. Crash dump not even playing the game!, I had loaded FM20 and left it sitting on FM20 main menu page, While I was finishing up watching a YouTube video, so FM20 it ready for to start playing FM20. Then my computer shut down suddenly during watching the video on YouTube, so I restarted my computer and went to load up FM20. But couldn't load FM20 because it's tell me that I need to install FM20. But didn't uninstall in the first place. Puzzled why!. So look at documents and theirs is a crash dump file in there. (FM 2020 v20.4.1.1363262 (2020.04.20 18.45.34).dmp). So I don't know if it's SI , Steam or even my PC caused the problem?. I've upload the crash dump file to your SI Cloud Service.
  4. @rabcp Could you just confirm that this is the right way to install these adboards. Download v1.0 and install then download v1.1 and v1.2 and install them in order of v1.1 then v1.2 and replacing files if they say duplicated files? As I haven't got any adboards install yet. First time installing adboards. Also Xml folder, I'm bit confused over you have xml file plus two folders with xml file in them inside the Xml folder?. Do you just move Xml folder into ads folder in football manager and leave it or do I need to anything else to it. Like deleting one of the folders, choosing between club or no club?. Is this the correct procedure?. Thanks Advice
  5. I've done what you suggested, logging out of steam and log back in and tried again. NO DIFFERENCE STILL THE SAME!. I suppose I will have to remove the graphics, add-ons and skins then and delete cache and preferences then verify game files. It's starting cheese me off, as still get the same problem every FM game I've had over last four years approximately. Usually one of your updates the game it cocks up for me. Yes I know you will say to me, "I should play the game on vanilla only". I'm only using a Dark Base Skin (from BusttheNet) with a add-ons match day stats, Graphics: logos (from TCM), trophies (from Dazs8), kits (2d & 3d from Sortitoutsi) & facepacks (from Sortitoutsi) and Licensing and Real Name Fix File (from Sortitoutsi). As I said before at 5:00 am GMT it was working fine before FM20 20.4.1 update. At 10:00 am GMT won't load up, stuck loading screen with cursor going around and around. Also yes I've got both two boxes tricked (Use caching to decrease page loading times and Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences) when I playing game before I've this got this problem.
  6. Since your newest update hotfix 20.4.1, FM20 won't load up. Cursor spinning around and around, It's very frustrating as I still playing the game about five hours ago. Closed down FM20 to go to bed, you updated the game before I closed down the PC. And now later can't play it. I already know you going to tell me to take out all the add-ons, graphics & skins out. And reinstall the game again. Okay, I know it is difficult and not easy to programme games etc., and sometimes updates are needed. You wouldn't go to garage to buy a car and they say okay you have car now but in four months later you can have to put wheels to on it. Maybe if you gave us a warning that the update will or could cause problems with your current save after update. As well as a option update now or later. I've been playing your game since 1995 when you called Championship Manager and was only fourteen years old. Thirty five years of playing your game.
  7. I've downloaded this full pack and followed the instructions to install. But now the FM20 won't load up now, it's struck on the load screen. Help please, what have I done wrong to this happen?.
  8. Thanks for getting back to me. I stopped holiday at 27th April 2019 and saved it, then holiday to June 25th 2019.
  9. Real life last day match fixtures for Northern Premier, Southern Premier Central & South & Istmain Premier Leagues are on 27th April 2019. And their play-off finals are on 6th May 2019. Has FM19 now fallen inline with real life fixtures in these leagues.
  10. Can someone please tell me which is the best date to holiday to, as June 24th now being the teams have already been decided who are going to be promoted. April 30th or April 1st ?.
  11. Can someone tell me which is the best date on game to holiday to, as June 24th now being the teams have already been decided who are promoted.
  12. @Jimmy Wong, I thought I better inform you that I gave a go at changing skin again from default dark to bustthenet_advanced_dark_fm18 skin this morning and it worked great. But I had few jobs to later on this morning so I close FM18 and turned off my PC for an hour or two. Came back switch on the PC and then loaded up FM18, guess what happen again CRASH DUMPS!. First, it came up with message can't find default database. Then crash dumped. So I tried again loaded FM18 and same again. FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.09.17 12.25.35).dmp & FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.09.17 12.27.06).dmp. I've uploaded crash dumps to you through FileZilla. Please sort this problem out for future otherwise, you are going to have complaints when you release FM19.
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