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  1. Looking good , going to try this with Sunderland . What is the name of the skin please ?
  2. Hey Wozzie , I see you have change color in the middle of the Quintero shirt to red , how can i change the color of the numbers ? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello bluestillidie00 , you gonna release this year a light skin to ? Your light skin from last year was the best in FM19 .
  4. Thank you very much .These are the one that i needed .
  5. Where can i find these small city pics like your Liverpool's above ? Thanks in advance
  6. Where do i put these 2 versions ? In the folder 'skins' or somewhere else ?
  7. Where did youn get those stadium pics from ? Thanks in advance
  8. @ fm freak : its the 'here comes the pain ' tactic . i'm now in februari , and i score 30 goals from a corner . At the end of the season i wil post new screens !
  9. I'm looking forward to the new tactic , but the here comes the pain tactic is very good . I play 2 seasons with Swansea now . First season : 3th place Second season : 4th place + League Cup winners + Champions League winners Thanks MR.Hough , you are the BEST !
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