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  1. I like the idea of a whole DB realease when they would normally realease the game and a whole new game every two years Or even an option for a DB update on a previous year going along side the normal game realease would of paid to be able to have this years teams on last years game
  2. Am I not getting any jobs offered to me? Its been said many clubs are flattered but then they get someone else? Anyone help?
  3. Id say any player loaned out for 3 years will get slightly worse its to long or you should of loaned him into the prem so he can play at a higher level
  4. I do it loads in the champions league if im top and can get a decent team knocked out its good forward planning
  5. I was under the impression they share the San Siro but Ive just ended up at Inter in 2017 and its called Giuseppe Meazza but has the same stats as the San Siro that AC Milan call it
  6. Its crap but unless u can call players back its hard to get around last week USA played Canada on tuesday night because the game picks strongest squad all of the english based players would of gone as it is im guessing they stuck mainly to mls players I cant think of an easy way to code in players not been called up for certain games
  7. Its a tricky one to sort random internationals always seem to happen irl but the managers must select carefully i guess thats hard to code into the game
  8. Only time ive has this happen on this version i had an 18 year old striker on 9 apperences going into the last league game and i was about to win the title he disappeared for international duty and missed out on his league medal the only player outside of my backup keeper to do so
  9. Ive never done this, but will try to have a few in reserve Thanks
  10. I do have it before I won the league, I have a freak end to the season lol I will try with this season and upload it if after a few games I get no where
  11. Ive tried formations similar to this, will give it a go thanks
  12. That doesnt bother me lol, hey proves like some people say this game isnt unplayable, just means Im crap at it lol
  13. Been trying that, guess I will get there at some point lol, the problem I have is if I play 1 up front I cant get into their box often enough, if I play 2 upfront I get over run in midfield and dont get possesion, had a tactic of back 4 with wing backs, a dlp in the anchor role, 3 cm 2 attacking and 1 support with 2 up front target man and dlf, it wont me the league then got me sacked, I never had all the possesion but my rb bossed itas he had all the space like you mentioned, do you go to dominate possesion?
  14. So is the answer to change tactics mid game to confuse the AI? Is that what the succesful players do?
  15. Thats probably the issue at Napoli Im more looking at the game as a whole, Ive had 2/3 a good season out of about 7 Im looking at a more consistent formula to try and win I sort the club out from top to bottom get top coaches upgrade all the facilities but cant get it right on the pitch
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