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  1. Has Gerrard retired yet? Captain marvel. Listening to Townend desperately trying to avoid blaming him for goal was fantastic.
  2. Lewandowski looks very unlikely, and Falcao has gone...personally I would love Higuain, but we're not being linked with him currently...
  3. Job done. Well done Rafa, wish him all the best for the future.
  4. Lukaka with a brace versus United, nice. God we need to improve how we defend leads next year.
  5. Thought process in my head: Grumble, grumble, why did Rafa leave on Torres rather than Ba. Next moment: Torres scores. Lovely stuff by Moses.
  6. Brannaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Loves a european header.
  7. Rami was really poor tbf, despite picking up recently it's been a disappointing season for him. WHO CARES THOUGH, what's that, 11 trophies in 10 years or something? KEEP EM COMING. Still buzzing.
  8. By the way, just how GOOD is Petr Cech? I mean, not as good as DDG obviously (hehe), but what a keeper.
  9. get in!!! Was absolutely buzzing tonight. At times it's been a horrible season, but we're Chelsea, we just keep winning through it all. What a night! So happy for Ivan to score that absolute SCREAMER of a header after missing the final last year.
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