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  1. Not sure if this has been mentioned but ... I would like to see the addition of the ability to apply for postponement of mathes. i.e. if you have an extremely important chmpions league game on wednesday you could apply for postponement of the match for the following saturday . But obviously you should have to give reasons for the postponement and not just ask for it randomly and give us a chance of actualy getting it unlike appealing a red card etc.
  2. I've read all your posts.... Don't you have any homework/revision to do? Scott M </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Hey scott, No i dont have anything like that as im only in second year so i just spend all my time talking to fellow fm addicts p.s : are you stalking me or something lol
  3. Would be nice feature though also this is a way that people could kind of get their wish of being different roles in a club ... without upsetting those who dont want to !
  4. Don't know if this has been mentioned but ... I would love it if you could deal with sponsorship (or have the option to get your ass man to) You could decide on Shirt deals , stadium hoardings and best of all , GROUND NAMES , such as The Emirates Stadium , when their deal runs out , you could either keep them or make it something else such as The Carling stadium (or the kit-kat stadium) Or if you had your original ground name , you could sell it to someone , (if the board will let you) and obviously , this would effect the fans , they would probably be very unhappy , but your club may need the money. If SI could get enough lincenses for companies this would be esspecially good for shirt sponsors to make it look realistic . What do you think ?
  5. Also , this has been mentioned befor ebut the more people mention it , the more SI will consider it Being able to tel the board why you want more money or a feeder club or stadium expansion etc.
  6. I would LOVE to be have the ability to be a chairman or an assistant manager , i know the game is called Football MANAGER , but i think this could be an amazing feature to improve the game even further !!!!!
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