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  1. Television money and emerging leagues

    well I thought if I left it at zero, then the game would assume there would never be any tv money. so if 1 is minimum rep and 7000 is maximum rep, does the tv money increase 7000x between them?
  2. .o/ fellas I'm a little confused when it comes to tv money. I know it scales on reputation, but how much money would a rep=1 division need to make it comparable to premier league at rep=max? Or at any reps in between for that matter Any help much appreciated.
  3. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Well They're persistant
  4. its already included this year, look in the Rules drop down box at the top (I think its rules)
  5. FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    I've made a league system from a base of the British Virgin Islands. Set up cups, league systems and 54 teams. all using the advanced rules. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, but them i came across a problem... The game starts fine, in december 2010 or 2009, with the league supposedly starting feb the next year. Unfortunately the game doesnt generate any fixtures, just says "The competition has not been scheduled yet" As far as i can tell, the rest works fine. I've uploaded the editor file, http://www.box.net/shared/eq9c7z9jcunc3qi5xvqh Someone give me some pointers please i've been plugging away at this since i got fm 11. (I havent set up the cups yet, wanted to get the league right first.) Thanks, Ozzsam
  6. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Did he transfer to braintree halfway through the season after a bad run at another club? how queer.
  7. When you start mouse wheel clicking websites expecting to get back to the home page... and feeling slightly embarrassed when you do
  8. As they dont comply with the advanced rules. Or alternatively have the advanced rules override the nation rules while allowing me to at least activate the nation.
  9. Squad Registration

    Thanks Magicmastermind, didnt think of looking in the english xml
  10. Squad Registration

    *BUMP* I have a similar issue, but no luck spotting the solution, any ideas anyone?
  11. Creating the Basque rule.

    You could always set up competition rules for all competitions in the world and make max number of foreign players 0. although the AI would probably still sign foreign players
  12. I'm working on a similar project, so i wish you all the best with it. I have some questions however, how do you arrange the leagues? as divisions with different "levels" or by creating a main division and 2 subdivisions. the editor is too confusing. Also did you get the fictitious teams in the top division into the Champions league or did they start in euro cup instead? I kept encountering crash dumps on 12th December in every season i started, but for all i can see nothing significant happens then. Sorry for so many questions but you're the only person I can see doing something similar to me.
  13. Aggression

    Is there anyway to make it go up? I have a decent defender but he has Aggression of 1, really frustrating.
  14. O HAI GUISE. I've created a pretty good and stable league system and trying to place it in europe, everything is running smooth, but i cant get the top teams in the league to qualify for the European Champions league. Top 3 only qualify for Europa League I'd like to aim for something like the EPL. With top 4 in champions league,5th/6th/7th in Euro Cup (depending on FA cup results) I'm using the advanced editor, any suggestions?