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  1. Just beat Arsenal 3-0.. a combination of Hazard and Hernandez is just lethal and I highly recommend it if anyone is thinking of starting a save as United.
  2. Started a save as Man Utd, was going to sign a keeper but decided to see how Lindegaard fairs. I bought Hazard and Lukaku in the end and almost signed Rodwell but he has a dickhead agent. Won the first 11 games of the season in all competitions (not including the community shield) and I have to say Hernandez is a beast, he has 9 goals in the 8 games he has played. Lukaku seems to be popping in with some goals from the bench whilst Hazard is stealing the show with assists. Rooney is currently injured, but to be fair I don't mind that as he has been mediocre in the games he has played and IMO Hernandez works better with Berbatov. Just beat Chelsea 3-2 at the Bridge, Fernando Torres always seems to score own goals for me!
  3. I have started a new game as City.. signed Aguero, Coentrao, Srna, Hazard and a few future prospects including Cairney. Will post up progress every few months.
  4. Funny Screenshots Thread

    LOL! I think that made me laugh more than the name itself
  5. (haven't read the thread, so apologies if this has been mentioned) If a new owner gets a team into a load of debt, then maybe like irl, a new team gets created in the save by the teams fans (e.g., if Reading get into deep financial trouble AFC Reading gets formed)
  6. What is the most obscure team you have ever managed? Wroxham. Not Wrexham, Wroxham. Have you ever bought a player for more than £120 million? Nah, most I've ever payed was £90 million. Have you ever sold a player and regretted it later on? Yeah. Sold Daniel Sturridge as Bolton after a dreadful season, and he ended up top scorer the next. Have you ever sold a player, regretted it and then bought them back again? Nope Have you ever resigned as manager becasue of one result? Does resigning after being relegated count? Has your star striker ever gone a whole season without having a dry spell? Yes, Edin Dzeko. What was your biggest ever competitive victory? Man City 11-0 Blackpool (FA Cup quarter final) Your biggest flop? (only real players) Don't know How many years was your longest FM career? Holidayed until 2046 or 2047 once, if that counts? If it doesn't, then I've been at Cambridge until 2021 from 2009. have you ever gone unbeaten in a league season? Without cheating? No, but I've had a season with an opening day defeat only. Have you ever released a club legend on a free? No. Have you ever sold a club legend? Would Ryan Giggs count? Have you ever reloaded because you thought you got cheated out of a win? Yes. Has your Goalkeeper ever scored straight from a goakick? Once. My goalkeeper's have scored from free-kicks from offsides too. Have you ever gone a whole season without a win or with a record low points total? No, I got sacked. Have you scored from direct free kicks in FM11? Yeah. Have you ever managed a team you hate in real life? Yep. Shrewsbury, Liverpool, Blackpool and Man Utd. Have you ever had a goalkeeper score from open play? Does a scramble in the penalty area count from a corner, and then it falls to them and they put it in? Have you ever subbed a sub that's not injured? Yes. Have you ever bought someone, regretted it and then sold them a few days later? No. Have you ever scored a hattrick with a defender? Yeah, but two were direct free-kicks, the other he got on the end of a corner. Have you ever spent more than £40 million on a teenager? Don't think so Started with points deduction and won the league? Southampton on FM10. Ever played a team of foreigners, Arsenal style? Yes. My question - have you ever signed a player simply because he scored a cracking goal against you? I have. Was quite a good buy actually
  7. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Think this guys got a bit of a problem..
  8. I have seen many, but none come close to this for me.. What's the most ridiculously unrealistic signing you've seen?
  9. My favourite came today as England, being battered all game by France, and scored two late controversial goals to get into the Quarters Best, a 5-5 draw as Brighton against Barnsley
  10. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Great regen name I found:thup:
  11. Defender hat-tricks

    My mate once had a defender scoring a hatrick of penaltes:)
  12. When you have goal music ready on YouTube just incase your side scores at home
  13. As Cambridge, 2-0 dowsn at Crawley, back to 2-2, back to 4-2 to them at ht. Pulled it back to 4-4 only to lose 6-4
  14. Who won the 2010 world cup in your game?

    My Holland beat Italy 2-1