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  1. @Cougar2010 I fixed it eventually. I am using the Huge Database panel and for some reason the version i was using was old. I've updated it and it's all working now Thanks for your help
  2. @Cougar2010 @KUBI To answer you're questions. Yes it's FM 17. It's the Default FM Dark skin. Im using a Mac but have tried clearing my cache and restarting FM but to no avail. I've tried changing it from Full Screen to Windowed and have also tried turning Retina off but still dont get this Add/Remove button. I do have database size and start date band but no the add/remove leagues one
  3. And even if I de-select them and go to the standard setup how do i select more than one country For example i've chosen Liverpool and england in the screenshot. If i select advanced setup again now i have these random countries selected And no option to select or replace these?
  4. I can't as I'm using database files so says I have to set my game up in Advanced Setup
  5. Hi there, In previous versions of FM it was really simple to customise your setup before starting a new game. Easily ticking the boxes for the leagues that you wanted playable for your new game. However in this year's version I really can't work out how you do this in the 'Advanced Setup' This is all I get? Any help would be great please
  6. Josh Rees - Chelmsford - CM/AMC Daniel Wilks - Maldon & Tiptree - GK Ross Fizsmions - Chelmsford - GK Jayce Olivero - Abingdon Utd - LB/LM (Gibraltan) Akwasi Asante - Solihull Moors - ST Brady Hickey - Barwell - CM Will post some screenshots when im home.
  7. BradzleyB

    Any clever ways to find LLM players?

    Sounds bizarre in a game but luck. At Solihull Moors second season now and I'm in League two (Won the play offs 1st season) and my scout has got me some great cheap/free transfer players. Two Goalkeepers, Ross Fitzpatrick & Daniel Wilks. Both Cost Minimal Fee's (£150 & 250) If I remember right and are both 4 *. Josh Rees from Chelmsford Nominal Fee 4*. But also the released players by some of the higher level clubs. The obvious big hitters but the likes of Norwich and Leeds normally throw out some youngsters that can do more of a job in the lower leagues.
  8. Just been promoted in the first season via the play offs with Solihull Moors to League Two. Most of my players are out of contract and a good majority of them aren't good enough to cut the mustard in the FL. Anyone got any ideas for some players for the new challenge?
  9. BradzleyB

    FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Am I missing something? Completely different player on my game...
  10. BradzleyB

    FM16 - West Brom

    Hi There, Hope this is in the right area forum. Basically after some advice for some signings for my West Brom side. First season on the newest patch. I've Sold Berahino to Chelsea for £35m along with Offloading : Olsson, Lindegaard, Anichebe, McCLean, Gamboa, Lambert & Sessègnon and have raised in total £47.5m. I've been given £33.5m from that into the Transfer Budget and that's what i've got to spend. This is my team so far and I am after a: FB - Attack CB - Standard AML - Inside Forward | Support (Pref Right Footed) AMC - Shadow Striker (Played Alex Pritchard in the first few preason games and he's done well so might stick with him) AMR - Inside Forward | Support (Pref Left Footed) ST - Complete Forward | Support (Backup striker to Rondon) Any advice would be well received Cheers
  11. Try Changing your CB's to CD - Stoppers. Carruthers to AP-A, Your Wingers to Support and playing Afobe as a CF-Support. Team Instructions - Shorter Passing, Pass into Space, Work Ball into box, Whipped Crosses, Run At Defence, Exploit the Flanks, Push Higher Up, Roam from Positions, Use Tighter Marking, Use Offside Trap, Prevent Short GK, Lower Tempo. Try Changing your Mentality to Control and Shape to Fluid
  12. BradzleyB

    FM15: Good Goalkeepers

    Name: Sebastian Sosa Age: 27 Nationality: Uruguayan Club: Velez Sarsfield Value: Can't Remember Sale Value: £1.3m (I paid £1.5m but over 48 Months) Work Permit Needed: Yes. Conditional WP granted first time
  13. No Matter what tactic I use whether it's my own or one I've downloaded but since the release of the Full Game nearly every other cross whether it be from a set piece or just a bog standard cross the opposition scores. I've tweaked tactics to go more defensively and change tactic training to Defending and Defending Set Pieces but it's still happening to the point where i would say 75% of my goals conceded are headers or from crosses. Plus this adds into the ridiculous fact of having to score 4-5 goals to win the game. Is there anything else i can do to prevent the cross goals occurring?
  14. Joaquimorais can you upload your tactic so i can test it out?
  15. Simply Amazing. Plain and Simple. Thank you for letting me enjoy 14.3 after a miserable spell.