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  1. Prentice

    Match/Season Ticket Pricing

    Thanks I'm in a new 27k all seater which I tend to more or less sell out, and have approx 6k season ticket holders. These both make sense about the location and reputation, I still have a fairly low reputation and obviously, Andorra is quite remote, maybe in time it'll gradually come more in line with other La Liga or Segunda clubs
  2. Morning all, Does anyone with much more knowledge than I know if match and season ticket pricing is supposed to dynamically change as the game goes on depending on your progress (or lack of) and status etc? I've taken F.C. Andorra into La Liga, but am still only charging €7 for a match ticket and €42 for a season ticket, and it's annoying me. Thanks all
  3. Prentice

    The Official FMRTE 2010 Thread

    Is it possible to download this straight into exe format? I can't get it to work with Darwine on my Mac.
  4. Prentice

    Simply FM

    You should hang about and post a bit We're looking into new skins and customising now, as well as behind the scenes stuff.
  5. Prentice

    Simply FM

    Hideous old forum software has made way for something a bit more up to date, so things are slowly moving forward..
  6. Prentice

    game over

    Hello mate, long time no speak.
  7. Prentice

    Simply FM

    Cheers for the feedback, it's noted, and changed.
  8. Prentice

    FM10SX - mac savegame editor/scout

    I look forward to this
  9. Simply FM is the love child of the members and staff from the old FM4Rums, set up 5 years ago as FM-2005.com and has been steadily progressing up until where it is now. With a large member base and a warm community it is good for the banter for both on topic and the more relaxed off topic areas. I am the former owner of the website but it has recently undergone a slight revamp with new ownership and a few tweaks in place to get the site ready to really make a go of FM11 what with us getting hasty around FM10. A simple name on the can FM section which will be easy to navigate and use. We aim to have a huge bank of names and recommendations on tactics, training schedules, players, staff, graphics, downloads and more. Not neccessarily just our own but a collation of what's good from around the scene (with permissions of course). Lastly, under this new revamp there is the strong possibility there'll be good opportunity for staff in the near future. Come and have a look around and make yourself at home. www.simplyfm.net Regards, Alex Prentice
  10. Prentice

    FM10SX - mac savegame editor/scout

    Could you please make it so we can save player data at least?