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  1. Thanks for the input guys. One last question though; after gaining promotion into the Epl, we temporarily shared stadium with an Npower championship club (can't remember which club though) while we expanded our club's own stadium (Eastleigh), where we were constantly pulling up to 14,000 attendance and by the end of the season even peaked at 17,000. Only for the club to move back to our now expanded 12,000 capacity stadium and barely manage to get above an 11,000 crowd despite better performances than the previous season. Has anyone experienced this? Is it the dreaded population issue or just some other reason?
  2. Thanks. I'll also try that thread. Well, I can't say for sure since I've never been to England which is part of why I asked in case of users that live there or have had experience taking a similarly small BSN/BSS team and massively expanding their capacity .
  3. Dont know if I'm posting this in the right place but here goes. So I'm practically addicted to the LLM chalenge and can't imagine playing the game any differently. Recently, I decided to take Eastleigh from the BS to CL glory. However, I discovered my attendance didn't improve much year after year in the Epl. I checked it up and discovered that FM takes into account the population of the City within which the club operates which I unfortunately didn't. Of course my club's finances are good but I'm naturally dissatisfied at knowing I'll be stuck at around 12,000 stadium capacity for the better part of the decade. I've decided to start with a new club that can match a long term ambition of 40,000plus attendance. So can anyone suggest me clubs from the BSS or BSN that can help me achieve this?
  4. I noticed this tends to happen. I took eastleigh from the lower blue square to the championship. I didnt expect or even want promotion to the Epl in my 1st season in the championship cos I knew being fresh from the League 1, my team wouldn't be good enough to stay up. Somehow, with a remarkable final half season run of results, I found myself in the final seed playoff spot and got promoted. As bad as that team was, I had a similar run to yours in my 1st few Epl games. Was 3rd after 4 games, 17th in mid season and finished 10th overall. I think teams just got complacent against us cos I got a good whooping the following season. I could tell cos I got battered in many of the matches but won because of lazy finishing by the other teams. It happens when the talent drop off between two teams in a match is very large. The better team tends to play crap and an upset bcomes very likely cos I upset half the big teams that season and many midtable teams. See if you still have the same luck next season. Another thing is, In my 1st season, like you I mostly lost when i tried to play defensive and won when i went fluid attacking.
  5. I too am using AFC Telford and just won the CL and i know what you mean about the chairman(Lee carter). The easiet way around this is setting the asking price on any player you wish to keep as high as possible. The annoying part about this chairman thing is you could have bought the player for 1.8M and the idiot still thinks a 1.5M offer is too good to turn down.
  6. Why are people saying this? People aren't dumb, Nobody will make three subs if not for a desperate situation or when you need a result at all cost and certain players are performing extremely poorly. This happens especially in CL games.
  7. Thought i was alone. Just an unfortunate coincidence though.
  8. Goalkeeper question

    I don't always put a keeper on the bench for matches. Backfired once and had to finish with an outfield player as Gk. He didn't concede and even made two great saves.
  9. This. I never understood people saying it wasn't good.
  10. Penalties

    I never experienced any penalty problems even on 11.2. On my derby save, I have scored 5 of my last 6 penalties all within a span of just four games.
  11. Were penalties fixed?

    Tbh, I never noticed there was a Pk bug until i actually read it here and it wasn't that bad as i scored 50% of my pks (I was an npower team with averge - horrible penalty takers). On 11.2, I've so far scored all my penalties.
  12. Messi.

    This might be crazy enough to work especially for npower teams playing big teams in Carling/Fa cup. Careful with that.you don't want to mistakenly snipe your GK.
  13. Funny, Man city just bought him in my game in 2014 for £39.5m. Also, if in his scouting report your scout says the club will have no intention to sell, you better be prepared to convince them with a lot of cash.Monaco want me to pay 12m for a 16yr old 1m valued gk wth a CA of 1/2 star.
  14. Finding regens?

    Never new this. But i do have different methods (search filter criteria) for finding them that are quite effective 1. Age is at most 18 and value is at least 500,000. -500,000 because the best regens are always from around that figure upwards. 2. I tick a bunch if not almost all attributes under search filter which are mostly technical and mental and set them on at least 14.I then reduce the attributes to match to 6-8 out of about 18-30 ticked and set maximum age to 18 or 19.