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  1. sorry as a "lurker" for a few years now I should have known this and you're explanation is very good - thanks for the quick and informative response. I guess I will start a long term LLM save with new update but holiday until end of Jan before looking for any job. KUTGW.
  2. Is there a way of starting a new game with all the updated ME fixes and player stat increases etc but WITHOUT the transfer update? For example Danny Ward at start of season with Aberdeen on loan from Liverpool has had a slight bump in stats, I would like to start an Aberdeen save with him at Aberdeen with the new stats. It seems I can have old stats and old club (Aberdeen on loan) or new stats but back at Liverpool in the update. Oh and as always thanks to everyone involved in the update and the friendly people in here too.
  3. Thanks Eugene, I'm just going to download direct from Steam when I get in from work. No d/load cap so shouldn't be a problem (plus I have a very powerful games pc but no dvd drive lol.) Thanks again to you and Kriss for helpful replies
  4. Thanks Kriss I did pretty much think that myself. Was just confused with the box saying Dvd only yet I had seen other boxed versions that said PC download. Much appreciated.
  5. Might seem a stupid question. My girlfriend has bought me FM15. I have played since the Champ Manager days and have had no problem using Steam the past few years. I understand why this is needed to prevent piracy. However the copy she bought says Dvd only compatible. Now does this mean I have to use the disc to install and then Steam and code to finalise installation? Or can I just use the code to d/load directly from Steam? I ask as previously I have d/loaded on laptop and updated on Steam. However I now have a custom pc with no dvd drive and I don't want to invalidate the code if I need to buy a d/load only version of the gamw. I'm afraid to admit that despite years of updates, kit packs, logos, skins etc I am confused. Any advice really appreciated. I'm chomping at the bit to get my Aberdeen and LLM saves started. Thanks and happy gaming.
  6. Sorry if it has been asked before (probably numerous times), but I really need clarification on my thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/327879-1st-Team-Coaches-Youth-Team-Coaches I think the way the Youth Team Coaching for "Bigger Teams" is great but for "Lower League Teams" it is a potential game spoiler. I will no longer concentrate on Youth if this is the case, leading to the question, why bother with Lower League Management? Would really appreciate any feedback on this from the Mods or a SI representative. Thank you.
  7. That's what I thought, as I had 2 youth Team Coaches at Aberdeen (Club Legends) and wanted them to train ALL of my Squad, gave them Full contracts and now they only train Senior players. If that is the case then why is the above tip still in the game? Also I would encourage SI to revert this back to as it was before. I know the bigger teams have specialised coaches, but surely it's unrealistic to think that EVERY team has separate Senior and Youth Team coaches. I know for a fact I will not bother with my Youth Team now when managing at a lower level.
  8. Just a quick question as i am a bit confused, in previous incarnations of FM I have offered all my Youth Coaches Normal Coaching contracts, thus enabling them to train and coach both Senior and Youth Teams (especially useful when you are Managing at a lower level). However I am sure I have read somewhere that in FM2013 only "Youth Coaches" can train your "Youth Team", is this true? I only ask as whilst playing FM2013 last night between games I got this hint and tip; "General coaches work with and train both senior and youth players." I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I have searched the forums but seem to be getting conflicting advice and answers. I would hope that it has remained the same as in previous games with maybe Specialist Youth Coaches available for the wealthier clubs.
  9. I am a hometown Aberdeen fan, but every year when FM comes around I always start my "Journeyman Career" at the bottom of the Football ladder (normally BSS or BSN) and despite always achieving success and moving steadily to bigger and better clubs I never seem to get the Dons job. This year is different. My Laptop has started to slowly die and will not run my normal game, so until I invest in a new Desktop in January i'm playing a Dandies game with only Scotland loaded. no money to spend and a small wage budget doesn't leave room for wheeling and dealing but looking at the squad with the right management it should be enough for the first Season. I did bring in 3 players on free transfers to add a bit of depth,(all French speaking so hopefully they will help each other blend into the squad.) J. Colombo - French left back (can't think of his first name) Geoffrey Tulsane - French winger Omar Kossoko - Benise winger I have decided to play 4-4-2 of GK-Langfield RB-Jack CB- Anderson CB-Considine LB-Naysmith RM-Tulsane - Wide Midfielder CM-Osbourne playing the ball winning midfield role CM-Milsom as my Deep Lying playmaker LM-Kossoko - Wide Midfielder CF-Vernon asTarget Man CF-McGinn as my Poacher. So a decent starting X1 and with promising youngsters ready to fill in when required. My first month was a typical Aberdeen mixture, good in some games and below average in others. Highlights being a 1-1 opening day draw against Celtic (this despite Milsom being sent off early in the 2nd half with 2 yellow cards) and being drawn at home to Rangers in the League Cup which we duly won 2-1), Johnny Hayes becoming an instant Dons Legend by getting his first start of the Season playing poacher in place of the injured McGinn (he had a stormer, so going to give him a run in the team. Have also drawn 2-2 withe Hearts but got hammered 4-1 by St. Johnstone (although that was a freak result, we had something close to 20 shots, they had less than 7 but took there chances, and after going 2-1 down I lost my nerve and went all out attack, they hammered me on the counter. Lesson learned, as good as Naysmith is, he has no pace, so I brought in Colombo for the game against Rangers and he had an instant understanding with Kossoko, playing Colombo also enabled me to push Kossoko further forward to his favoured winger role. End of first month I am mid-table and through to next round of League cup, hoping my new players have gelled and can't wait to get home from work to carry on. Will post a screenie later tonight.
  10. I got the last available copy from my store literally half an hour ago, installing as I type. Only wanted it for the editor so I could add Freedman, McCarthey and Berg at there relevant clubs before I start my Journeyman save.
  11. I guess I can live with the BETA until Monday then, the only problem I have was the pre-order I bought never came with a voucher, the lady on the counter was clueless. I assume I can use my receipt and box as proof of purchase and therefor £5.00 discount?
  12. drop box in mac, but in theory will this work if I save the above folder to an external HD? I have the same question as the OP, but i'm looking to begin my game on an old laptop but then invest in a new desk top in the new year and dont want 2 months worth of hard work to disappear.
  13. I agree with the "Spoiler" part, it wasn't what i had intended, it's probably my wording, so apologies to all. What I had intended was a list of the Staff Roles that I ideally would need to fill. Believe me I have toiled for years in Lower League Management with 5 or less Staff and it has not been easy. I do enjoy the rewards that Success, Promotion and moves to bigger clubs brings to such an extent that getting an extra coach or scout really makes my day. So thank you to those that have replied and to those that I have "spoiled2 I apologise. Still wandering what the ideal Staff set up would be though?
  14. I intend to buy a new PC in the January Sales, once I have I intend to start my "Career Save", which in previous years has taken me from The Blue Square North to The Champions League Semi finals, via such delightful places as Braintree Town, Plymouth Argyll, Everton, Inverness, Bestikas, Galatasaray, Real Oviedo, Athletico Madrid, Torino, FC Twente, Ghana, Japan, Newcastle United and Huddersfield Town. In the meantime I am stuck with my trusty laptop and have decided to play FMC with a Aberdeen & Manchester United save. However I a a bit of a perfectionist, I like to allocate designated Squad Numbers, Squad Statuses, Training regimes etc etc. I thought I had everything planeed until I looked at the new Staff set up for FM13. A great addition in my opinion, but what I need to know is what would be the "ideal Staff set up"? I assume it goes something like Director of Football Assistant Manager 1st Team Coach Youth Team Coach Fitness Coach Goalkeeping Coach Tactics Coach Defence Coach Attack Coach Chief Scout Scouts Physios etc etc. Any feedback or suggestions on what would be ideal would be most appreciated.
  15. although tbf I have been split from my wife for over 15months now, after 10 years so wasn't really bothered about valentines, had long enough to get used to kit, the patch strategy thing i've only been aware of for the past couple of weeks, but as the saying goes, all good things....come to those that wait.
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