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  1. Somethings never change.

    One can only offer apologies as I seem to of offended your sensibilities with my problem. Thank you for your kind words of help.
  2. Since the very early days of fm its been almost impossible to make a substitution without conceeding. When is this going to be sorted?
  3. I've just taken Queens Park from division 3 to the scottish premier league in 3 years. Preseason is upon me. I've just turned down Manchester United, Spurs and Rangers and have the feeling I may regret this. What do you think?:confused:
  4. headers over the bar

    I'm in my third season and only now have my players managed to remember that hitting the target helps when heading the ball. Made no adjustments to my tactics just seems that they have gotten a little better at it. Bizarre.
  5. I do but even losing one game drives me mad.
  6. I never manage the team I actually support (Wrexham) because I can't handle the thought of doing badly with them.
  7. Undefeated Season

    currently with Queens Park lost one league game in the first season and unbeaten in 14 in my second.
  8. Ouch.

    What the hell is n'zogbia doing at Barca?
  9. Norman Whiteside. Or the guy that kept Fergie in a job Mark Robins.
  10. I was suffering much the same. I employed a second fitness coach and it seems to have worked.
  11. Genus, hope you won.
  12. A whole new ball game.

    Maradona With a young Gazza. That could go either way
  13. 22. Anyone carrying an Injury and practically unable to walk. Will find a new lease of life and beat your entire midfield and back four for pace 88 mins in.
  14. Ok i've mentioned this to friends and think its a great idea. How would you feel about releasing a retro fm. Set in the 70's, 80's or 90's. Ok you would have knowledge of potential star players etc but the challenge to emelate some of the greats must set your juices flowing. Could you make Liverpool as sucessful as they were in the 70's and 80's? Could you take over United at the same point as Fergie with similar results. The possibilities would be endless. Thoughts please?
  15. Currently trying to make Rovers the best team in Bristol. Quite an ask.