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  1. If we can have multiple I'll sign up another Fathias Destinado 09/01/91 Croatian MC Determination and Decisions Will happily be best buddies with Yinke King-Williams
  2. Tristan Eaves Pos - ST, AMC/R 31 August 1995 Australia Pacey
  3. So been messing with the editor on FM13 for awhile but only recently started creating a league system and such to keep me occupied until I can get FM14. When creating an Award, how do I go about doing it so that it's successful? If I pick the competition is it then locked to that competition's players? What changes if I use stats from Overall rather than Domestic League? If I want to create a nation-wide award do I leave out the competition it's for? If anybody has a tutorial or link that can help me out with this I'd appreciate it. Otherwise some explanation would be nice. Thankyou! Also what changes when you pick who it's run by? Without a minimum percentage of games played is anybody eligible even if they've played a single match? What happens if I leave the Announcement Date blank?
  4. Wasn't really sure where else to put this. Need to have a rage moment. Severely pissed off. So last season I went on a great run in my first season of top croatian division after just being promoted casually. Finished 2nd, was neck and neck with Dinamo entire season, gave them their only two losses, then down towards the end of the season, BOOM lost all my form and players just didn't turn up, my striker who was 5 goals clear of leading goal scorer just wouldn't score and ended up losing by being level but having more played so finishing 2nd rather than first despite better rating and many more assists. Notched a goal of the season too. However I quick 3 points behind Dinamo turned into a 15 point difference between us in a matter of around 7 matches.. Cue new season, things looking okay, smash Dinamo Moscow in a qualifying champions league position 5-1. Get two nice decent First Division wins. Main striker still nowhere to be seen. Cue a 7 match losing streak including a 4-0 pounding against Ajax. Did beat them 2-1 in the return though. 5-0 win in croatian cup, bit of a confidence boost, Nil all draw in first Euro Cup match, missed two open goals and had plenty of opportunities to seal it home, Dragged out a first division win and a win against Dinamo in the Croatian Cup thanks to them having not a full strength team And then cue a shoddy draw against newly promoted Zadar and a brutal 3-0 beating against Newcastle. I just don't know what to do, my title winning and 2nd place tactics won't work, I've tried mixing it up with different tactics and style players and zilch. Tried letting my players sort themselves out. Was brutal to them, they got motivated at the end of matches but nothing to show improved performance later on. Was lenient with them and same story. I just don't know what to do or what the hell is wrong with my beloved team... 7th in the first division and already 12 points behind Dinamo. So there goes my title hopes I guess as they're on form and look unlikely to drop it. So now rather than a comfortable second again I'll be battling it out. Anybody have some ideas? Tips? Help? I really like the team I've built up so far over the 3 seasons and want to stick with them but the frustration of their lack of ability at the moment is really making it hard to motivate myself to push through and play. I'd be okay with it if I wasn't expecting much of them but 7th is not good enough and these pounding by teams we can easily contest is ruining me. my full backs just can't find form and are constantly screwing up and hitting consistent 5 match ratings or low 6s but if I play with 3 centre backs, as I don't have any real natural wingers I just get hurt on the wings too bad.
  5. I don't have the screenshot with me anymore. But in a Carling Cup final it was me as Boreham Wood vs Stoke City. My first carling cup final and around season 8 or 9 or so while I was still in the Championship and Stoke surprisingly a top 8 team for the last 2 seasons Half Time score, 1-3 to them, motivational speaking and a change, 4-3 to us by the 60minute mark, they bring it up to 4-5 at 80minutes, star striker injured, sub on my backup, 90+5 minutes (only 3 added extra) he scores a good finish after taking 2 players on. Into extra time, quickly bring it up to 7-6 by the 2nd half of extra time. Manage to score another and I'm 8-6 up as I drop back players and shut up shop. Stoke score off a corner at 120+1, I'm getting nervous. And then once more they level it at 120+3 (out of 2 added). Gutted as it goes to penalties. (my star striker managed to score all 4 before he got injured too) In the shootout it's nailbiting and the scoring continues right through to 12-12 before my player misses and Stoke nail their last one after it bounces off the post and into my keepers back into the goals.. I was absolutely gutted, but it was a hell of a match!
  6. GPU - AMD Radeon HD 7480D CPU - AMD A4-5300 APU 3.40GHZ RAM - 7.4GB Operating system - Windows 8 I have no idea what other information is necessary or how to find it.
  7. On my current save in mid 2015, I've noticed that so many newgens that I've looked at are all injury prone, I think it's awesome and I could get a real bargain (As I'm only in league 1) only to find out they're injury prone :/
  8. Alright not sure if any of you will find this useful or how many of you actually know this but during a team talk, obviously there is the issue with individual team talks not registering until another action has been made, as a substitute rather than making another talk or if you are all out of talks to give, if you pick up a player (Any player) and just move them as if you were switching a position around and then drop them back into their original spot it will register the team talk (as long as there is a reaction from it) You can just do this on the team talk page quite easily, although it's probably not that much of a big deal, just thought I'd put it across! Sorry if it's well known.
  9. So is there a work around that doesnt involve starting again?
  10. Alright first up, I created a club, didn't put any league restrictions in for the team to prevent them from moving up to the prem. Cannot think of any possible reasoning as to why I wouldn't have been promoted, the only possible thing is that Southampton (in the prem) are my parent club, but that's just reaching out because the link should just be terminated automatically, although I suppose I could load an older save, terminate the link and see if it alters anything. But when I was in league 1 and borough were in the championship (who were also my parent club) it just straight up terminated the link no hassles.. Also noting I placed 1st in all leagues successively up until the championship. (Note): Just checked the affiliate info and nothing preventing us from not getting promoted.. There is really no logical reason that I can think of.. Terminated the link, holidayed the last match, drew, placed 4th yet still I wasn't given a playoff place.. So I was upper mid table majority of the season but picked up superb form late on and managed to push into playoffs, but something I noted odd was that I was being skipped and the playoff spot was going to the team below me... (tried uploading, but strangely it didn't work and uploading image from link said it was unable to retrieve so here I am linking..) http://i290.photobucket.com/albums/ll279/Skorpio_Skill/Football%20Manager%2013/npowerChampionship_OverviewStages_zps4dea98fd.png Thought it odd, kept playing but after each match day as I remained in a playoff spot, nothing was changing, it just skipped me. Kept going, thought it'd sort itself out, managed to place 2nd on the final day of the season thanks to goal difference only to notice that lo and behold, the green and automatic promotion eludes me and brighton sail home for promotion... http://i290.photobucket.com/albums/ll279/Skorpio_Skill/Football%20Manager%2013/npowerChampionship_OverviewStages-2_zpsc648b7e3.png So this is probably a bug, no clue how the editor could be affecting this.. I'd really appreciate some input to this situation, grown quite attached to the club and would much prefer not having to leave jobs or change save games solely because I am unable to attain promotion to the premier league... I would have much preferred promotion and fighting in the premier league but maybe this will allow me an extra season to prepare my squad (assuming it'll work a 2nd time around because if not then I'm definitely throwing the save out the window..)
  11. I actually had something similar in real life (kina but not really) cup final, 1st vs 2nd, my team vs my old team. they're 2-0 up. We take it 3-2 then its 4-3 to them. we equal 4-4. fe minutes left' i have 2 goals and 2 assists. they have an attack. fluke 1v1 save by our 2nd keeper (First GK injured) kicked long. cm flicks on to winger. early cross in and side bike by me. whistle blows after kick off and team suffocates me by piling on... in fm though. leading 2-0 with my lowly league 2 side against a championship borough in fa cup round 2. injury time is only 2minutes. they score on the counter and my squad becomes nervous/anxious. cb injured, throw it to contain and they pick another 2 up in a 'quickfire double'. all 3 very poor goals and much complacency...
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