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  1. Carrera -- Thank you very much for this. Since I haven't been playing FM19 very long (only about 2-3 mons) I presumed it was mostly MY OWN naivety of all the mechanisms and endless choices/tweaks between the gazillion various tactical & individual instructions. If interrupted during play, I'd quickly forget what I've done there are so many! THEN add to this Cosmic-size info/data your Assistant or Offensive Coach's advice, and I was about to hire a live human Assistant JUST to keep everything organized and straight!!! Wow, I would think if Sports Interactive make this game any more complex
  2. Alright, I am pretty agitated right now, Fyi. And I haven't been able to find my answer(s) to the problem in the vague SI Manual, imagine that. Apologies in advance for my very frustrated attitude. If this is an easy fix, then I will be THRILLED!!! At the start of my first season I designated my U23 and U18 Head Coaches and Asst. Coaches to completely handle everything with my Reserves/Youths, and not only to keep me informed every 2-weeks(?), but I would also click over and review throughout the season their progress. After all, those were the choices under Staff Responsibilities, righ
  3. Yes Robson 07, I agree. I've determined -- with yours, summatsupeer's, and Exp Defender's assessments and suggestions -- that I need a much more intimate understanding of all the many, MANY various mentalities, tactical choices, roles, team & individual instructions, etc, etc, etc, then matching in the most effective way all of those multiple (endless?) modules/cogs, if you will, THEN tweak all of that with current injuries! HAH! Is it any wonder why I spent way, WAY TOO MANY HOURS of my life playing FM12 and FM16? Now this!? Hmmm, you think this is why I don't have much of a social l
  4. ---- summatsupeer... thank you very much! Just by reading yours and Experienced Defender I can see that you two obviously understand the Sports Interactive software programming, the module/mechanics of all the working parts. Thank you for this great help. I only started playing FM19 this past late-May/June. I must admit, FM19 is much more complicated than my FM16 and FM12, the two I've played WAY TOO MANY HOURS of my life!!! Hahahaha. Nevertheless, this is great info and much appreciated. Cheers!
  5. summatsupeer, Experience Defender, Lord Rowell, and andrewsgn, many thanks to all of you for the help! Alright, trying my Print Screen issue again... here goes. HAH! Finally! There you go gentlemen. So does this shed more light? Also, I think I may have hurt Nacho Monreal's and Hector Bellerin's feelings when I asked them if they get their thrills off of pounding, blasting, drilling, forcing, and ball-fisting their opponent -- do they do that in Spain? -- when CLEARLY a football NEVER magically passes through a human body, no matter how many times you try!!!! They didn't seem
  6. Hello NabsKebabs. Thanks for responding. Below are my two Tactics. First the Primary Tactic, then my Secondary Tactic. FYI, I do tweak them a bit depending on the opposition and the health/conditioning of my squad. I hope I upload these screen-shots correctly. Here goes... 4-4-2 Vertical Tiki-Taka.html 4-2-3-1 Wide Balanced.html
  7. Perhaps my novice familiarity with FM19's tactics and training is my issue. I'm in just my first season by the way. But I've played Football Manager since the 2012 version, if that matters. To be honest, my frustration with the gargantuan complexity of FM19 might be why I have 8 -- yes, I said EIGHT! -- of my starters injured, including the preseason injuries with Koscielny, Maitland-Niles, Kolasinac, and Lichtsteiner(?), then other injury-prone players that whine about a Medium-to-Light training workload when the (non-stop?) Fixture congestion between the EPL, two domestic cups, and Europa Le
  8. gavinski33!!! Ahh, yes. Thank you so very much! I knew it was an easy answer, I just wasn't getting anywhere on my own, getting more frustrated and mad... sort of like Jose Mourinho childishly throwing the 2015 Runner's-up Community Shield medal into the crowd. I know, I know... I was ALMOST as immature as Jose is 99% of the time. I feel so ashamed of my behavior! Until I remember Jose. Hahahahaha!!! Anyway, many thanks gavinski33.
  9. Apologies all if this topic/question has already been covered somewhere. I have looked and looked in 4-5 various places on 3+ websites/forums, including this one, and have not been able to find the simple answer. So... Inside each players Development - Training page there is a Menu available to select the player's Intensity level of training: Double Intensity, Normal Intensity, Half Intensity, No pitch or gym work, Send on Vacation, and then at the top... Automatic. That choice is what I have a question about. What does "Automatic" mean exactly? I'm guessing it means my Physio's recommen
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